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Jeremiah Barker: English and Biblical Studies major

May 1, 2013

Junior English and Biblical Studies major Jeremiah Barker initially had numerous anxieties concerning college and social life. A self-professed introvert, he now believes that his interactions at Evangel have stretched him and allowed him to make the most of the college experience. He enjoys reading, writing, attending dramas and plays put on by the Evangel staff and students, and serves as a devotional leader for Scott Hall. In the future, Jeremiah hopes to become a missionary overseas writing about his experiences living and serving in another culture. He also has aspirations to publish literary fiction detailing “poignantly and realistically the lives and struggles of another culture.”

Why did you choose Evangel?

Evangel had an informational booth set up at a youth camp I attended. I was already anticipating a move from the Northeast to the Midwest; so, I was more than content to find out that a Christian university was near to the town where I would soon be moving.

When I visited Evangel for the first time, I felt welcome and at home. Aside from the potential for numerous scholarships and the decent tuition price, what solidified my decision was the sincerity I observed in the students and faculty whom I met.

Why did you decide to major in English and Biblical Studies?

Ironically, English was the subject I struggled with the most during my academic career, but the challenge to excel in this area engendered a passion that unrivaled the others. Furthermore, I have a yearning to strengthen my understanding of my faith and God so that I may personally grow and lead others. So, I am also majoring in Biblical Studies.

What are the benefits of attending a smaller university?

The most immediate benefit is attaining relationships with one’s professors. Smaller classroom settings provide a certain comfort for students, allowing them to ask the prying questions that would likely have been suppressed if another hundred students were present.

What is your favorite thing about your particular department?

The professors in the Humanities Department are dynamic, relevant and relational, willing to speak with a student about academic or personal issues. To quote a writer during the Victorian Period and about whom I learned in a British Literature course, Matthew Arnold, there is certain “sweetness and light” that permeates this department.

Have you had leadership opportunities in your department?

I am currently a Writing Fellow, who aids in teaching the English Composition students. Once a week, the Fellows lecture, providing us with experience and the students involved with more personal interactions and instructions.

Do you enjoy living on campus?

I live in Scott Hall, and I do enjoy dorm life to a certain extent. I am of the opinion that prospective students should reside, if possible, in residential halls for at least their first year at college. This provides for more holistic experiences, developing them in ways unbeknownst to them.

Do you have any words of wisdom for future students?

Evangel challenges their students academically and spiritually. Thus, the students’ education is developed and internalized, providing them knowledge and experience that are sustained and implemented throughout their lives and respective careers. I encourage students to be open to opinion and allow the raillery and confrontation in which you participate to hone, or refine, your worldview.

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