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Dr. Michael Jaffe: Church Ministries Department chair

October 4, 2013

Dr. Michael Jaffe provides leadership for Evangel’s School of Theology and Church Ministries as chair of the Church Ministries Department. Along with teaching Preaching and Church Leadership courses, Jaffe is a faculty representative on Evangel’s Board of Administration.

Jaffe graduated from Central Bible College in 1976 with a degree in Biblical Studies. He pastored for 22 years in New York state and attained his doctorate at Assemblies of God Theological Seminary. Jaffe returned to CBC as a professor and taught there for 12 years before consolidation formed the new Evangel.

Along with teaching, the New Jersey native conducts a discipleship ministry at the United States Medical Center for Federal Prisoners, writes curriculum for Radiant Life and teaches Sunday school and a life group at Life 360 church.

In his free time, Jaffe enjoys walking and hiking. He is a “thick-and-thin, die-hard” Philadelphia sports fan, proudly cheering on the Phillies, Eagles, 76ers and Flyers. He has been married to Barbara for 37 years, and enjoys spending time with his three sons and four grandchildren.

What were you involved in during your time at CBC?

I had become a Christian just a couple years earlier, so I was just kind of feeling my way concerning what Christianity really was. It was a real meaningful time in my life. During my time at CBC, I began a student ministry at the federal prison, was involved in student social committees and did two internships — at an Indian reservation and Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary. Whether I was doing that or just hanging out in the dorms, my time at CBC was a great experience.

You and your wife met at CBC. What’s the story behind that?

There were two girls one of my roommates was going to ask out, but he would just talk about it and talk about it and never do it. Weeks and months went by and he still had never asked, so my other roommate and I threatened him. I said, “If you don’t ask them out, I’m going to ask out one, and he’s going to ask out the other.” He said, “Well, if you want to go ahead.” My roommate and I did, and we both ended up marrying those two girls.

What are you excited about with the consolidated Evangel?

I think the potential is enormous. I think one of the cool things about being part of the new School of Theology and Church Ministries is the opportunity to do the things I love doing and to interact with students with other vocational callings.

What do you love about teaching Evangel students?

I love the privilege of having a small part in them being the kind of people they will become. I love imparting God’s truths into students’ hearts. I love to see the light go on in the classroom and when they pick up on something that maybe I’d said a thousand times before. I just love that.

What advice do you have for students considering coming to Evangel?

My advice is to choose EU. It offers incredible opportunities, a great campus environment and dedicated, capable faculty. It also offers opportunities for practical ministry. An example is our STCM chapels that are entirely student-run. We just offer opportunities that, very honestly, other schools can’t.

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