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Rebecca Dyer: Education major and TESOL minor

October 11, 2013

As an Elementary Education major with a TESOL minor, Rebecca Dyer has a passion for kids and teenagers. She loves being a student at Evangel, and her enthusiasm flows into the many activities she is involved in, including Burgess Hall Council and powderpuff football. Rebecca is excited for God to continue leading her into what He has for her future — whether that involves teaching here in the states or ministering overseas.

Can you share a little about yourself?

I am from a small town located in Owensville, Missouri.  I enjoy many various activities such as laser tag, going to St. Louis Blues hockey games, stuffing my face with as much chocolate possible, and hanging out with my friends and family.

Why did you choose to attend Evangel?

I chose Evangel when I was in the fourth grade.  All of my sisters had gone to Evangel, and when I was moving my eldest sister into Evangel (Burgess Hall specifically), I knew right then and there that I would someday go to this school.  When my senior year came around, I did not think that my family and I could afford Evangel. At the last minute, when I already accepted admission to another college, the Lord opened all the doors for me to attend Evangel.  This was His will, and nothing stood in His way, not even my lack of faith.  Praise God that His will is always the best.

What led you to pursue an education degree?

I have always loved kids. They’re so much fun, and I know God has put this passion on my heart for kids and teenagers for a reason. I cannot see myself doing anything else but teaching — especially teaching English overseas. It would be awesome to share the Gospel while teaching.

Did you visit campus prior to moving in? How did that help you, and why would you recommend a visit for a prospective student?

I did visit Evangel before moving in.  I helped move each of my sisters into Burgess Hall when it was their turn (and now I’m living in Burgess, too). I also attended an Evangel visit day. That was such a wonderful experience. I would recommend visiting EU before moving in because one can get a feel of the atmosphere of the campus to see if they love it or not.  Also, I met some amazing people on my visits — some who are friends with me today.

What makes the environment at Evangel special?

Honestly, it’s the overwhelming amount of love and support that makes Evangel’s environment so special.  The people and professors here are truly the best people that I have ever had the privilege of meeting.  On this campus, everybody looks out for one another.  We all strive to show the humble, servant love of Christ. I love it here.

What is the best thing about your academic experience at Evangel?

The professors are the best. I am constantly laughing with them. Their support and love for the students that they teach is inspirational.  I know personally, I would not be at Evangel this semester, or any other semester for that matter, if it were not for the professors in the Education Department.  They invested so much into my life, and I cannot thank them enough.  I love them all from the bottom of my heart.

What extracurricular activities are you involved in?

I am involved in Burgess Hall Council, powderpuff intramural football, and Student Missouri State Teacher Association (SMSTA).  I also am in a small group that is a part of the Courageous Church.  Our small group is dedicated to serving others and the community of Springfield.  It is a very humbling experience.

What are your life goals?

My goal after Evangel is just to follow in the will of God, wherever and whatever that entails.  Right now, I would love to travel and teach English overseas for a couple of years, but I’m just praying and seeking God’s will.

Why should a prospective student choose Evangel?

Evangel is the best.  We are a family here. The professors here earnestly want the students to achieve, and they are not only an educational support, but also a spiritual support.  The students are crazy awesome as well.

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