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Junior Matthew Taumua is called to church planting

October 27, 2014

Matthew Taumua was raised in San Francisco, California, but more recently hails from Seattle, Washington. Called to serve in the ministry, he began his education at James River Leadership College and is now finishing his Biblical Studies degree at Evangel. He appreciates Evangel’s academic excellence as well as its community atmosphere.

“My goals after Evangel are to get into seminary in hopes of attaining my master of divinity, and after that, maybe even pursue a Doctorate in Leadership,” Matthew says. “The ultimate goal is to hopefully plant a church somewhere on the west coast of the United States.”

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What do you enjoy doing when you’re not in classes?

Some of my interests include spending quality time with my family and friends, traveling and experiencing the various cultures around the world. Also, because of my love for art and history, I could spend an entire day wandering the corridors of a good museum or just relaxing to the smooth sounds of a classical jazz orchestra.

Why did you choose to attend Evangel?

I attended James River Leadership Campus before making my transition to Evangel.  Upon graduating from JRLC, I had the decision of either returning home and attending Northwest University, or coming back to Evangel.  On my first visit to Evangel University’s campus, there was sense of prestige and excellence.  From the manicured courtyards, to the quiet corridors of Riggs Hall, and the professionalism of the knowledgeable staff, I observed the quality and attention to detail that Evangel seemed to exhibit.  I think it was after that first visit that Evangel became a strong contender in the decision of which educational institution I would attend.  I weighed out my options and made an educated guess.  I am here today and I am confident that this is the best choice I’ve made and I believe this is exactly where God wants me to be.

What is your field of study?

My major is in Biblical Studies, and I’m minoring in Leadership.  I have a passion for understanding God’s word and want to be able to correctly divide His word within its context.

Did you visit campus prior to moving in?

I did visit the campus, but mainly for registration purposes.  I did, however, take a tour on my own after I was done with registration. Being on campus in person will give you a better perception and overview of the quality and standards that Evangel exhibits than any photographs could convey.  It’s one thing to show you pictures online and tell you what an institution offers and it’s another thing to be here in person and actually experience everything that EU has to offer.

What makes the environment at Evangel special?

There is a sense of community and a commitment to excellence. EU professors often challenge us to work harder and think deeper on issues that matter. At the same time they provide us with academic support and equip us with the proper tools that enable us to further our knowledge in whatever field we are studying. Yet, the best thing is that it all happens within a Christian setting. So you not only get academic support but you also get spiritual support to help you with your own spiritual walk with the Lord.

What is the best thing about the Department of Bible and Theology?

I would say the best thing about the Department of Bible and Theology is the professors and the wealth of knowledge and wisdom that they bring to the department. Many of the professors that I have the privilege of studying under exhibit a passion for their specific area of knowledge. Couple this knowledge with their extensive experience and you end up with inspirational world-class teachers.

What extracurricular activities are you involved in?

I have the privilege of interning with David Lindell who is the campus pastor of James River Assembly West Campus.  Through this internship I am able to host Pastor David during the main and prayer services.  I am also given the opportunity to serve in various ministries throughout the church such as Red Carpet (greeting and seating teams), volunteer in Children’s ministry, Men’s Bible study and prayer/altar teams.  It is a wonderful learning experience and I am grateful for such an opportunity.

Why should a prospective student choose Evangel?

As I have previously mentioned, Evangel University has a strong commitment to excellence and they strive to provide you with an exceptional quality of education.  Not to mention the vast collection of programs made available for you to study within a Christian setting.  If you are seriously considering EU, make a visit to the campus and see for yourself!

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