Krause Hall

Krause Hall is a three-story male residence hall completed in 1970 and completely renovated in 2010. Krause Hall has a capacity to house 216 students. It was named for Henry Krause, a member of the first Board of Directors and the Evangel Council.

Krause Hall: Wild and a good way

The residents of Krause Hall have some fun—albeit unique—traditions of their own. One of the most well-known is the Higgins, which is the Krause Hall Christmas party. Warnings of “The Higgins is coming!” will flood the halls, Chapel and many other places on campus in the days leading up to the event. Calling the Higgins memorable would be an understatement.


AwilRResident Director: Rob Awil

Robert Awil is the residence director of Krause Hall.

A Sacramento native, Robert attended college at the California State Maritime Academy. During his time there, he played basketball and served as a resident assistant.

Robert says he wanted to become an RD because it gives him the opportunity to help young men during a crucial time in their lives.

“Students’ college years play a pivotal role in their development and walk with Christ,” he says. “I want to share in that adventure and hope to encourage and enable them along the way.”

In his free time, Robert likes to play basketball and travel. As part of a semester he spent at sea, Robert has traveled to Samoa, New Zealand, Australia, Maui and Honolulu.

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