Spence Hall

Named for Inez Hover Spence, a supervisor of both men’s and women’s residences, this building was completed in the fall of 1968 and opened as the first permanent women’s dormitory.

Spence Hall: Knit Together

One thing Spence Hall is known for is the “Smarty Party” hosted every other Tuesday throughout the school year.

Andrea GreerResident Director: Andrea Greer

Andrea Greer is the residence director of Spence Hall.

Andrea graduated from Evangel in 2009 with a degree in Biology. During her time as an Evangel student, Andrea joined Sigma Zeta, served as Burgess Hall President and was elected vice president of the student body.

Andrea says that her experiences with the RDs and RAs during her Evangel years played a major role in creating a memorable college experience. She says she hopes to do the same for the girls of Spence.

“My prayer is that Spence serves as a place that allows girls the opportunity to find out who they are as they grow spiritually, physically, and emotionally,” she says.

Andrea enjoys playing volleyball and basketball, camping, relaxing on the beach and spending hours on Pinterest. She says the way to her heart is through coffee and good music.

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