Walther Hall

This residence hall was completed in 1970 and named for Grace Walther, the first Director of Student Life and the organizer of Evangel’s student teaching program. The building was built concurrently with Krause Hall. Once completed, they became the second and third permanent residence halls. Walther Hall is a women’s hall with a capacity for 216 students. Walther Hall was renovated in 2006.

Walther Hall: A community of amazing, inspiring, genuine girls

One of Krause’s most popular annual events is the Walther Murder Mystery party. From costumes to decorations, the Walther women go all out for the Murder Mystery. And they happen to have some fun with other events and activities along the way.

Katie BuckholzResident Director: Katie Buckholz

Katie Buckholz is in her first year as the residence director of Walther Hall. She and her husband, Daniel, are moving onto campus after getting married in June.

Katie grew up in Millersburg, Indiana, and attended Southeastern University in Florida for her undergraduate and graduate studies. She says that during her time there she decided she wanted to become an RD in the future.

“After watching RDs at SEU live life with students, I knew I also wanted to do the same someday,” she says. I’m excited to join the Evangel family and learn the many different stories that are being lived out here.”

In her free time Katie loves to cook, clean and organize.

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