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Evangel's online MOL program a perfect fit for new coach

July 17, 2012 | Paul K. Logsdon

Why would a student move from Northern Colorado to Springfield to enroll in the online version of Evangel University’s popular Master of Organizational Leadership program?

According to Aaron Lambertson, there are two reasons.

“I received a call from my former head baseball coach, Lance Quessenberry, asking if I would be interested in a graduate assistantship,” said Lambertson. “He gave me the opportunity to both enroll in the master’s program and gain two years of coaching experience at the college level. That fit my career goals.”

But if he was returning to Springfield, why enroll in the online cohort?

“Flexibility, especially during baseball season when we will spend a lot of time on the road,” Lambertson says. “I will be able to coach 20 hours, work a part-time job and still keep up on my coursework.”

Graduate Studies Assistant Deb Gehris reviews the MOL orientation folder with Aaron Lambertson.

Graduate Studies Assistant Deb Gehris reviews the MOL orientation folder with Aaron Lambertson. He had just arrived for his first on-campus session as a grad student.

Evangel’s MOL classes cover a wide range of topics such as leadership, quality management, communications and strategic planning. Tuition is comparable to state universities.

The online MOL is a hybrid, designed for those who travel, work odd hours or live out of town.

“Students come to campus for a three-day, in-class learning experience just four times during their two-year program,” says Dr. Jeff Fulks, director of graduate studies at Evangel.

“We had 45 students on campus last week. While Aaron’s new cohort was going through orientation, two others were presenting their research,” Fulks added.

Cohorts are made up of 10-20 students who go through the course schedule together.

Lambertson graduated from Evangel in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in recreation. He was a dual-sport athlete, playing both baseball and football. He then coached for two years in Akron, Colorado, prior to returning to Springfield last week.

“At Evangel, I was mentored by coaches who believed in me, who showed me love and respect. I was more than just a number,” he says. “When this opportunity came along, a former EU football coach advised that this was a good fit for me. I took his advice and wisdom to heart.”

— Paul K. Logsdon, director of public relations & publications for Evangel University

TOP PHOTO CAPTION: Aaron Lambertson will work on his Master of Organizational Leadership degree while serving as an assistant baseball coach to Lance Quessenberry.