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Passion for Evangel earns Gary and Faye Liddle a Distinguished Service Award

December 18, 2012 | Chase Replogle

Passion. Calling. Commitment.

These are not words most people think of as they head to work in the morning. Even in times of deep reflection, few would apply them to their daily grind.

But then there’s Gary and Faye Liddle, a husband and wife team who work at Evangel University.

“I count it a great privilege to work for Evangel and strongly believe in its mission to train future leaders,” says Faye, administrative assistant for the Athletics Department.

Gary concurs.

“What can be better than doing what you love to do, enjoying faithful friends, and in various ways shaping the future by shaping young believers?,” asks Gary, an associate professor of theology.

“Faye and I have no doubt that God called us to Evangel, and here we have had many opportunities to do what we do best.”

It is this passion, this commitment, and this solid sense of calling that led the Evangel University Alumni Association to present the Liddles with Distinguished Service Awards earlier this semester.

“It would be hard to overstate the blessing that Gary and Faye have been to Evangel,” says Dr. Brandon Schmidly, current Theology Department chair and former football player.

Gary began teaching in the fall of 1977 and was department chair from 2006 to 2012.

“He has not only served as a beloved mentor and instructor to students, but he has been a mentor to many of our faculty, including me,” says Schmidly.

Faye joined Evangel’s staff in 1982 and moved to athletics in 1986. Outside of assisting every coach and bookkeeping more than 80 accounts, she coordinates all aspects of customer service related to football and basketball home contests.

“It would be very hard for these teams to function without Faye,” says Dawn Neal, assistant women’s basketball coach. “She works for all of the coaches with the same level of discipline. Faye is amazing.”

Passion. Calling. Commitment.

These are the words most people at Evangel think of, when they think of Gary and Faye Liddle.

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