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EU Films to release romantic comedy Post Pending on April 26

April 22, 2013 | Valorie Coleman

EU Films will premiere its original romantic comedy film, Post Pending, with showings at 5:30 and 7:30 p.m. on Friday, April 26, in the Barnett Fine Arts Auditorium.

Admission for students is $1 and general admission is $2. All tickets are sold at the door.

EU Films is a student media organization located in the Communication Department at Evangel. Each semester, the Film Workshop produces a feature film of 40 to 60 minutes in length.

 “Post Pending has pushed the bar for EU Films,” Chloe Lester, student director, says. “This has the largest cast that I have worked with. It is also going to be one of the longest films EU Films has had. Post Pending has been fun to work on, and it will be a good time for all ages.”

Post Pending has a cast of seven:

  • Lauren: Crystal Kiser, junior at Drury University
  • Ryan: Adam Barksdale, junior at Missouri State University
  • Jeremy: Jonathan May, Evangel sophomore film major from Bigfork, Montana
  • Christine: Alexis Pyles, Evangel freshman drama major from Buffalo, Missouri
  • Brooke: Megan DeHart, senior at Drury University
  • Kevin: Justin DeFreece, junior at Missouri State University
  • Cody: Zach Malott, junior at Missouri State University

The movie follows two bloggers, Ryan, played by Barksdale, and Lauren, played by Kiser, who are mortal enemies online. When their best friends decide to marry each other within a month, they have to work together to stop their friends from rushing the relationship.

“People don’t always realize how much hard work goes into the process of making a film,” says Kiser. “Getting to be a part of Post Pending has allowed me a behind-the-scenes look at that process, giving me a deeper appreciation for fantastic films.”

The crew is made up of EU Films students and includes the following:

  • Director: Chloe Lester, junior film major from Bee Branch, Arkansas
  • Producer: Caleb Pipkin, junior film major from Walnut Grove, Missouri
  • Director of Photography: Ricky Vickers, junior film major from Austin, Texas
  • Audio Supervisor: Ronna Barger, sophomore film major from Eldorado, Illinois
  • Editor: Andrew Klepel, junior computer science major from Hacienda Heights, California
  • Assistant Director: Justin Canavan, junior film major from Skiatook, Oklahoma
  • Assistant Editor: Jordan Sjostrom, senior biology education major from Cherry Valley, Illinois

“I’m always amazed at the dedication and hard work the students have in Film Workshop,” says Pipkin. “Obviously, every person in the crew wants this film to be the best it can be.”

The films are shown at the end of each semester. They are then uploaded to the website Crusadermedia.com for public viewing at a later date. Evangel’s cable station, ECTV, also airs the films approximately three to four months after the public viewing.

 The faculty advisor for EU Films is Dr. Cameron Pace, the chair of the Communication Department at Evangel.

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