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Evangel student teachers prepare for real world with mock interviews

October 4, 2013 | Michaela Smith

On Sept. 11, a group of 34 student teachers from Evangel University participated in mock interviews with 12 local high school principals and assistant principals.

Susan Langston and Shonna Crawford, assistant professors of education, brainstormed the idea for the mock interviews. They worked with Colleen Hardy, education department chair, to make the idea come to life.

“This practice time prepared them for interviews they will have in the future when a teaching job is on the line,” Crawford said.

“The goal was to provide an opportunity for our student teachers to put into practice the things they were learning in our student teaching seminar course,” she said. “This included interviewing and preparing a resume.”

“The interview process was a superb opportunity for the student teachers,” said Tim Zeigler, principal at Pipkin Middle School. “They had a great deal of insight, and I could tell they were prepared for the interview process.”

For music department senior Dodi Lason, the mock interviews confirmed her belief that Evangel has prepared her for a future teaching career.

“The interview gave me the opportunity to practice,” Lason said. “I have more confidence in myself and feel better prepared for a real interview now.”

Senior Shelby Davis, an early childhood education major, said she gained insight into what will be important for future interviewers.

“It helped me to become more comfortable with interviews in general, and it taught me what interviewers like and dislike,” Davis said.

The education department hopes to continue this event each semester.

“The interviews are an excellent way to allow students to apply their learning in a real-life situation,” Crawford said.

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