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Six questions for Student Activities Director Christy Rowden

October 23, 2013 | Ian Richardson

EU Launch, Harvest Fest, DVD Bingo – if there’s a fun activity going on around campus, chances are Christy Rowden had something to do with it. Currently in her third year as EU’s student activities director, Rowden advises Evangel’s all-student Activities Board and organizes other major events on campus.

A 2002 Evangel graduate and former admissions counselor, Rowden’s background as an insider gives her the edge and know-how to keep presenting activities that make Evangel students’ lives a little bit brighter.

We asked Rowden six questions about student activities at Evangel.

1. It seems like Activities Board is constantly planning fresh and exciting events for students. How do you and your team keep coming up with such great ideas?

All of AB’s events come straight from the endlessly creative minds of its student executives and members – 36 students total. I am here to help with process, approvals and structure, but I cannot take credit for the awesome ideas they have. I love the fact that so many of our events are homegrown and uniquely Evangel because they are dreamed up by EU students for EU students.

2. What are your goals when coordinating events on a college campus?

Activities Board conducts an average of two campus-wide events each month. Of course, there are tons of other activities going in departments, halls, clubs, etc., but we feel it is important to have campus-wide events regularly. This helps create common stories for all students. We want to provide a little something for everyone, so it is our goal to make AB events as diverse as possible. Events like EU County Fair, dodge ball, DVD Bingo, Laser Tag and Harvest Fest/Spring Fling demonstrate the variety that we have sought to provide throughout the year. We want to provide activities that draw as many students as possible and create great memories.

3. If you had to choose one Evangel event that you like best, which would it be?

It seems cliché, but Harvest Fest and Spring Fling are by far my favorites. They are our largest events and are a showcase of Evangel talent, which is endless. The PR, décor, skits and videos come from the creative brains and talents of our AB members and dozens of other students participate through band auditions. I love to just stand back that night and watch. It makes me feel very blessed to be in this position and work with such committed, passionate students – they continue to impress me.

4. How does your experience as a former EU student play into your role as activities director?

My time as an EU student and former admissions counselor has helped a ton in my job as activities director. First of all, I have great relationships with so many on campus, and that helps us all work together for the good of our students. Also, I feel like I have a solid understanding of the Evangel culture and traditions. Finally, and probably most importantly, Evangel has my heart. I absolutely love my alma mater and everything that we stand for.

5. What makes Evangel a great place to have fun?

To me, Evangel has always been a family, and every family has its own fun and humor that no one else quite understands. That sums up Evangel life perfectly. We are a community of students, faculty and staff who love being together, building friendships and creating memories in a Christ-centered atmosphere.

6. What do you enjoy most about your job?

That’s the easiest question. The best part of my job is constantly being surrounded by students and watching them try, grow and succeed. They are not only creative, but they are students of high character and integrity. I’m so blessed and proud to work with them.

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