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Broadcasting students work with local media for final projects

January 28, 2014 | Michaela Smith

For Evangel junior Collin McCage’s final examination in his broadcast management class last semester, he chose to create three 10-second commercials to promote weather coverage on KOLR 10.

In stark contrast to typical, loud commercials, McCage used no narration.

“My tactic was to make the commercials only play environmental sounds and not have any announcer speaking over them,” McCage said. “The plan was to draw the viewer’s attention to their television as to why it was quiet.”

The spots that McCage produced were designed to be attention getting. One commercial was like an episode of Storm Chasers, with the viewer encountering a tornado head-on.

“Broadcasting and advertising/PR students studied station management and promotion all semester,” said Dr. Cameron Pace, communication department chair.

“For the final, each student was to meet with a representative from a local media outlet and discuss the station’s promotional strategies, determine objectives and then create their own promotional plan for the station to meet one or more goals.”

Deneé Hughes, morning radio host of 88.3 The Wind, worked with another Evangel student for this final.

“The project gave students first-hand experience to see what it would be like to intern or work at a station, which is very beneficial,” Hughes said.

Pace said the students were required to create mockups that showed how the promotions would be used. These included billboards, advertisements, contests through social media, radio and television spots and web materials.

Because of this assignment, students were able to expand their resumes and connect with professionals in the industry.

They chose from a list of 12 local media outlets to create their final projects.

McCage said this class helped him understand the management, programming and promotional aspects of a media outlet. “I learned so much in this class that will help me in the world of broadcasting,” McCage said. “I was thrown into an environment that I am so interested in and hope to become a part of.”

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