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Alex Bryant ministers to those in need as Dream Center director

March 25, 2014 | Evangel University News

Alex Bryant, 1995 Evangel alum, has taken on a new role as director of the St. Louis Dream Center in St. Louis, Mo.

His life hasn’t always been a dream, but he has found meaning and purpose.

“I grew up in the projects of Macomb, Ill.,” Bryant says. “I knew what it was like to eat government cheese and government peanut butter. But we’re made to give back. I want to help as many people as I can make it out of that situation I was in.”

Part of his journey included a stop at Evangel.

“President Spence saw something in me, enough to take a chance on me,” Bryant says.

“I had known for a long time that God had a plan for me. Evangel was His way of working out that plan in my life.”

Bryant attended on a football scholarship and graduated with a double major in business management and biblical studies. He has put both to use, spending nine years in corporate business and the last 12 years in ministry.

“I started working in sales at MCI,” he says. “When a job posting would come up, they would ask me to apply for it. During nine years, I was promoted seven times. Evangel had prepared me in every way, whether for business or ministry.”

Now Bryant is giving his full attention to giving back through his work at the Dream Center.

“We do ministry to the poor and homeless,” Bryant says. “We provide meals and hot showers. We call this ‘touch’ ministry. Now, we are focusing on ‘grow’ ministry. We want to help people who are chronically poor or homeless find their pathway to becoming contributing members of society.”

It sounds like a tall order, but for Bryant, it’s just the everyday business of building dreams.

“We’ll help clear their pathway,” Bryant says. “If they are serious about improving their lives, we’ll help them do that.”

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