Things to Do

Evangel students catch a Springfield Cardinal’s game.

Even the most committed scholars need to have some fun. Thankfully, there’s no better place to truly enjoy living life than right here in Springfield.

Evangel is located in the heart of Springfield, Missouri, which means students have an opportunity to experience a wide variety of activities and entertainment. From adventure to art, food to festivals, Springfield offers plenty of action and excitement for EU students.

To make sure you never get bored, we’ve put together a list of just some of the things you can do in Springfield. You’ll find activities on this list that will become favorite weekend pastimes. Others will become one-time memories you’ll never forget. And with Springfield’s central location, you also have access to a number of great attractions outside the city limits. Branson is a quick drive south on Highway 65, and you’ll find plenty of fun to fill Saturday downtime there.



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