About Adult Studies

The Adult Studies program is designed for busy adults, allowing students to juggle the demands of family, career, and their education.

A variety of teaching methods are used to help learners interact with one another, discussing assigned readings and applications of text theories. Students progress through the core program courses together. Students frequently form work and study groups as members support one another during the college experience.

Program Benefits

  • Complete your bachelor’s degree in as little as 24 months (following completion of associate of arts degree or comparable credits).
  • Earn credit for learning through life/work experience.
  • General education courses are online.
  • Strengthen your position in the job market.
  • Network with your fellow adult students.
  • Improve your professional and communication skills.
  • Courses in a five-week format.
  • Enroll in nine to 15 hours per semester.
  • Study groups on campus or online.

Adult Studies


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