Credits Required

Requirements Credit Hours
Program Core Courses 45-48
*General Education Requirements (see below) 53-55
Electives 21-23
Total 124

General Education Requirements for BS Course

Course Credit Hours
University Success Course 3
Written Communication 6
Humanities 11-12
Behavioral & Social Sciences 8-9
Diversity 3
Natural Science 7
Bible 9
B.S. Requirements (Statistics and one other course from Computer Sciences, General Sciences, Mathematics, or Geography) 6
Total 53-55

Grade Requirements

General Education Courses

  • Lowest acceptable grade is a D
  • No more than 2 courses with a D are allowed

Program Core Courses

  • Lowest acceptable grade for any course is a C-.
  • No more than 3 classes of C- are accepted.
  • Any courses with a grade lower than C-, as well as any course beyond those 3 accepted, must be repeated.
  • Students must pay the current rate of tuition to repeat any course.

Absentee Policy

Evangel University has no official attendance policy; however, professors may have attendance policies for individual courses. Please refer to your syllabus for policies.

Credit Options

Students without sufficient credits from prior college work or from demonstrated learning may enroll at an accredited institution in traditional, correspondence, or online courses either simultaneously with or after completing the core program as approved by the Director. Adult Studies offers General Education courses to easily complete the necessary credits. In some cases these deficiencies should be made up prior to the beginning of the comprehensive major program.

Note: Students in the Adult Studies Program do not earn a minor.

Credit Options Include

  • Credit by CLEP
  • Credit by DSST
  • Credit based on Life and Work experiences

* These credit options do not count toward residency for graduation. See catalog for residency requirements.


Adult Studies


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