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Fall 2018 Academic Calendar

On-line Financial Registration Opens

May 31, Thurs.

Registration Fee Waived Through

July 31, Tues.

Faculty Seminar

Aug. 15-16, Wed.-Thurs.

Residence Halls Open for New Students at 8:00 a.m.

Aug. 17, Fri.


Aug. 17-21, Fri.-Tues.

Residence Halls Open (8:00 a.m.)

Aug. 18, Sat.

Worship Service – Chapel (10:30 a.m.)

Aug. 19, Sun.

On-Campus Financial Registration for Term

Aug. 20-21, Mon.-Tues.

New Student Academic Registration

Aug. 20-21, Mon.-Tues.

Classes Begin

Aug. 22, Wed.


Aug. 23, Thurs.

100% Drop/Add

Aug. 22- 31, Wed.-Fri.

Labor Day – Holiday

Sept. 3, Mon.

Spiritual Emphasis Week

Sept. 4-7, Tues.-Fri.

Constitution Day Observed

Sept. 17, Mon.

Conference Days (Classes meet in Seminars)

Sept. 21-22, Fri.-Sat.

Spring 2019 Schedule Due from Academic Departments

Sept. 21, Fri.

December Graduation Papers Due

Oct. 5, Fri.

Mid-term Exams

Oct. 8-12, Mon.-Fri.

Fall Break

Oct. 15-16, Mon.-Tues.


Oct. 18-20, Thurs.-Sat.

Mid-Term Grades Due

Oct. 19, Fri.

Spring Academic Pre-Registration Begins

Oct. 22, Mon.

Last Day to Withdraw (W)

Oct. 26, Fri.

Thanksgiving Break

Nov. 21-23, Wed.-Fri.

Classes Resume

Nov. 26, Mon.

Founders Day

Nov. 29 – Dec. 1, Thurs.-Sat.

Last Day to WP/WF

Nov. 30, Fri.

Study Day

Dec. 5, Wed.

Final Exams

Dec. 6-8, Thurs.-Sat.

Fall Semester Ends at 5 p.m.

Dec. 8, Sat.

Residence Halls Close at Noon

Dec. 9, Sun.

Grades Due

Dec. 12, Wed.

Spring 2019 Academic Calendar

Residence Halls Open at 9:00 a.m.

Jan. 7, Mon.


Jan. 7-8, Mon.-Tues.

On-Campus Financial and Academic Registration

Jan. 7-8, Mon-Tues.

Registration Fee Waved Through

Jan. 8, Tues.

Classes Begin

Jan. 9, Wed.

100% Drop/Add

Jan. 9-18, Wed.-Fri.

Spiritual Emphasis Week

Jan. 15-18, Tues.-Fri.

Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday

Jan. 21, Mon.

Founders Day

Jan. 24-26, Thurs.-Sat.

Fall 2019 Schedule Due from Academic Departments

Feb. 1, Fri.

Fall 2019 Online Pre-Registration Begins

Feb. 25, Mon.

Mid-Term Exams

Mar. 4-8, Mon.-Fri.

Spring Break

Mar. 11-15, Mon.-Fri.

Mid-Term Grades Due

Mar. 20, Wed.

Last Day to Withdraw (W)

Mar. 22, Fri.

Last Day to WP/WF

April 18, Thurs.

Good Friday Holiday

April 19, Fri.

Final Exams

April 29- May. 1, Mon.-Wed.

Financial Registration for Summer Session

April 29-May. 3, Mon.-Fri.

Adult & Graduate Studies Baccalaureate at EU & Reception

May 1, Wed.

Awards, Baccalaureate at EU and Parent’s Reception

May 2, Thurs.


May 3, Fri.

Spring Semester ends at 5:00 p.m.

May 3, Fri.

Residence Halls Close at Noon

May 4, Sat.

Grades Due

May 8, Wed.

Summer 2019 Academic Calendar

Summer Financial Registration

May 1-9

Registration Fee Waived Through

May 6, Mon.

Summer Classes Begin

May 7, Tues.

Memorial Day Holiday

May 27, Mon.

Final Exams, Summer Session (most courses)

June 14, Fri.

Independence Day

July 4, Thurs.

Summer Semester Ends

July 11, Thurs.

Grades Due

July 16, Tues.