Academic Calendar

Spring 2016 Academic Calendar

January 11 Residence Halls Open at 9 a.m.
January 11-12 EU Launch
January 11-12 New Student Academic Registration
January 11-12 On-Campus financial registration
January 13 Classes Begin
January 18 Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday
January 19-22 Spiritual Emphasis Week
February 26-27 Founders Day
February 29-March 4 Mid-Term Exams
March 7-11 Spring Break
March 19 Fall 2016 Online Pre-Registration begins
March 25 Good Friday Holiday
April 27-May 1 Financial Registration for summer session
May 2-5 Final Exams
May 5 Awards, Baccalaureate at EU (3 p.m.) and Parent’s Reception
May 6 Commencement
May 6 Spring Semester ends at 5 p.m.
May 7 Residence Halls close at Noon
May 7 AGTS Commencement

Fall 2016 Academic Calendar

June 1 Online Registration Opens
August 1 Late Financial Registration
August 17-18 Faculty Seminar
August 19 Residence Halls Open for New Students (8 am)
August 19-23 EU-Launch
August 20 Residence Halls Open (8 am)
August 21 Worship Service-Chapel (10:30 am)
August 22-23 On-Campus Financial Registration for Term
August 22-23 New Student Academic Registration
August 24 Classes Begin
August 25 Convocation
August 24 – September 2 100% Drop/Add
September 5 Labor Day- Holiday
September 6-9 Spiritual Emphasis Week
September 16 Constitution Day
September 23 Spring 2016 Schedule Due from Academic Departments
October 7 December Graduation Paper Due
October 10-14 Mid-Term Exams
October 17-18 Fall Break
October 20-22 Homecoming
October 21 Mid-Term Grades Due
October 22 Spring Pre-Registration Begins
October 26 Last Day to Withdraw (W)
November 23-25 Thanksgiving Break
November 28 Classes Resume
December 1-2 Founders Day
December 2 Last Day to WP/WF
December 8-10 Final Exams
December 10 Fall Semester Ends at 5 pm
December 11 Residence Halls Close at Noon
December 16 Grades Due

Spring 2017 Academic Calendar

January 9 Residence Halls Open at 9 am
January 9-10 EU Launch
January 9-10 On-Campus Financial and Academic Registration
January 11 Classes Begin
January 11 Late Financial Registration
January 16 Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday
January 17-20 Spiritual Emphasis Week
January 11-20 100% Drop/Add
February 24-25 Founders Day
March 6-10 Mid-Term Exams
March 13-17 Spring Break
March 17 Last Day to Withdraw (W)
March 18 Fall 2016 Online Pre-Registration Begins
March 22 Mid-Term Grades Due
April 14 Good Friday Holiday
April 21 Last Day to WP/WF
May 1-3 Final Exams
May 1-5 Financial Registration for Summer Session
May 4 Awards, Baccalaureate at EU and Parent’s Reception
May 5 Commencement
May 5 Spring Semester ends at 5 pm
May 6 Residence Halls Close at Noon
May 6 AGTS Commencement

Summer 2017 Academic Calendar

May 3-11 On-Campus Financial Registration for All Summer Terms
May 9 SS-1 Session Classes Begin
May 9-12 Late Financial Registration
May 29 Memorial Day Holiday
June 9 Final Exams, First Session
June 12 SS-2 Session Classes Begin
July 4 Independence Day Holiday
July 13 Final Exams, Second Session

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