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“Evangel University offers a very unique curriculum that you cannot find at larger, secular, even Christian-by-name universities. While some universities may offer ‘bigger’ or ‘better’ in some aspects, Evangel offers a one-of-a-kind perspective that will change your life – forever.” – Jonathan Butler, 1993 Evangel graduate

Integration: The Whole Life

Evangel curriculum develops students who integrate faith, learning, and life.

Evangel seeks to help students integrate every aspect of life in order to serve God holistically. Evangel nurtures the integration of a student’s calling and education in pursuit of a life well-lived.


According to novelist and essayist Frederick Buechner, a person’s calling can be found in the place that their “deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” Evangel validates every student’s individual calling to that place. This affirmation includes students who feel led to traditional church ministry as well as students called to minister via a different profession. Distinctions between sacred and secular ministry dissolve when every calling is recognized as contributing to the kingdom of God. This approach does not lessen the importance of full-time church ministry, but rather it increases the avenues through which Christians demonstrate the love of Christ to a hurting world. Thus, one of the first courses a student takes at Evangel is Essential Christianity. This class gives students a place to explore their strengths, callings, and worldviews.


Evangel exposes students to God’s truth at work in the world. Describing the DNA of Apple Computer, Steve Jobs once said, “technology alone is not enough-it’s technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields… the result that makes our heart sing.” Similarly, Evangel uses the liberal arts tradition to teach students to better understand that all truth is God’s truth, wherever it is found: studying the Bible, performing a skill, or doing technical research. The ultimate goal is to get the heart to sing to the glory of God.

Life well-lived

An Evangel education prepares students to ask tough questions, to wrestle with difficult issues, to foster a deep relationship with God and a better understanding of themselves and the world around them. Included in Frameworks is a Student Wellness Program designed to encourage life-long physical fitness. A sound body supports a sound mind and a healthy spirit.

Evangel students in Greece

Student Outcomes

  • Integration Philosophy
  • Artistic Expression
  • Health and Fitness
  • Strengths and Calling
  • Faith and Science

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Christ-Centered: Life of the Spirit

It develops students who are spiritually attuned.

Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit-the truth that Christ is Lord-pervades an Evangel student’s life. Every moment a student spends at Evangel is a spiritual opportunity. When Christ is the center of the classroom, the fofices, the chapel services, and the residence halls, Spirit-led experiences will resonate in students’ memories long after graduation.

Spirit-led Experiences

Evangel’s association with the Assemblies of God informs the Pentecostal nature of the school. While not everyone at Evangel is from a Pentecostal tradition, the movement has shaped the Evangel community-nurturing a life centered in Christ and led by the Holy Spirit  This Spirit-led aspect permeates a student’s life at Evangel form the classroom to the dorm room.

Spirit-led Learning

Faculty and students engage in thoughtful conversations about the spiritual and ethical significance of ideas presented in the classroom. They discover how a Christian worldview affects the curriculum and how the course work aligns with a Christian worldview. In Personal Finance, students learn to think responsibly and biblically about getting and spending, earning, saving, and giving.

Spirit-led Living

When faith in Christ is central, Spirituality and “regular life” overlap. The Holy Spirit’s leading complements sound reasoning. Faith in God and compassion for others represent the Pentecostal heritage alive at Evangel. In their Effective Communication course, students think deeply about compassionate outreach and learn to effectively persuade other students to see the community around Evangel differently.

Spirit-led Imagination

Creativity is part of humanity’s being made in the image of God. Evangel embraces the imagination as a spiritual instrument. Students at Evangel use their God-given talents not only in the arts, but also in worship, study, and community living. Unifying the discerning mind and the artistic imagination enables Christians to reveal the image of God within themselves. Bob Root-Bernsten, a Nobel laureate in science, points out that almost all prize-winners actively pursue the arts as adults. He says, “They are twice as likely as the average scientist to be a photographer; four times as likely to be a musician; eight times more likely to do woodworking or some other craft; twelve times more likely to write poetry and literature; seventeen times as likely to be an artist; and twenty-five times as likely to sing, dance, or act.” This marriage of arts and sciences, throught and imagination, should be a hallmark of the educated Christian. In addition to courses in Sciences, the Frameworks program challenges students to see theology at work in the Coial Sciences and Humanities via the four interdisciplinary courses.

Chapel Service

Student Outcomes

  • Spiritual Formation
  • Pentecostal Experience
  • Biblical Interpretation
  • Ethical Decision-making
  • Christian Stewardship

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Exploratory: Life of the Mind

It develops students who are intellectually engaged.

As an Educational institution  Evangel is committed to academic excellence and intellectual integrity. Students are expected to become intellectually engaged in their faith, in themselves  in the professions, and in the world. A liberal arts education equips students to explore issues of faith, self-awareness, career, and the global living.

Exploring Faith

Faith is not contrary to reason. Having an integrated model of faith and learning reinforces these complementary human experiences. Faith informs all aspects of humanity, and intellectual acumen assures that faith is based on a good foundation. Evangel students are encouraged to explore a variety of ways this dynamic occurs in their Old and New Testament literature classes, the Bible Book study, and other Frameworks courses.

Exploring Ourselves

All students who arrive at Evangel come from a unique background with regard to spiritual, social, and academic experience. As Evangel students, they are given opportunites to examine, evaluate, and explore growth and maturity through the liberal arts. Education contributes to the transformation for the self through the maturing of the mind. As a reward for the hard work students put into this process, Frameworks includes an embedded Integrate Studies minor to include on their transcripts.

Exploring the Profession and the World

At a liberal arts university, students have hundreds of choices in distinct fields of study to explore their calling to serve God in a particular profession. In addition to coursework, many students are able to attend conferences with their departments where they hear form and interact with leading professionals in their field.


Student Outcomes

  • Reading and Imagination
  • Critical Reasoning
  • Historical Inquiry
  • Research and Analysis
  • Technological Ingenuity

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