Nik White

Area: Enrollment Coordinator: AGTS


Annie Sherwood

Area: Regions: Missouri: Springfield, O'Fallon & Cities A to L


Jaxn Rogers

Area: Regions:

Cassidy Gilliam | Evangel Counselor

Cassidy Gillihan

Area: Transfer students, JRLC, International students, Non-degree seeking students

Jacob Saatmann | Evangel Counselor

Jacob Saatmann

Area: Montana, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Texas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, New York, and Maine

Taylor Wood | Evangel University Counselor

Taylor Wood

Area: FL, AZ, NM, OR, WA, ND, IA, IL, AR, WV, VA, NC, NH, CT and DE.

Alaina Battaglia

Alaina Battaglia

Area: Campus Visit Coordinator

Michael Mann | College of Adult and Graduate Studies

Michael Mann

Area: Enrollment Coordinator

Breigh McNight | Evangel Counselor

Breigh McKnight

Area: Student Employee Supervisor

Ana Solano

Ana Solano

Area: Director for Undergraduate Admissions

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