University President's Club Levels of Recognition

Members of the President’s Club are an honored group of donors that support Evangel University by giving at least $1,000 to the university annually. The President’s Club honors its members at three recognition levels. Members at all giving levels enjoy numerous benefits in honor of their dedication to Evangel University. While all types of gifts are greatly appreciated and valued, only current-use funds count towards President’s Club membership. Examples of these funds include: cash, securities, gifts from a foundation, or gifts from an individual’s wholly-owned company. Matching gifts also count towards membership in the President’s Club. Annual cumulative gifts received during the fiscal year (ending on April 30th) qualify for membership into the President’s Club program.


Cumulative annual gifts of $1,000 or more qualify alumni and friends for the President’s Club Partners level.



Annual cumulative gifts of $5,000 or more qualify corporate entities for the President’s Club Corporate Partners level.



With cumulative gifts of $5,000 or more specifically designated for the Founders Scholars Program, alumni and friends qualify for President’s Club Founders level. This group represents an influential and select group of supporters of the Founders Scholars program. In addition to the benefits of the President’s Club, members of this level will have the opportunity to engage with current and former Founders Scholarship recipients, including a private luncheon with those directly involved with the program.



President’s Club Leaders is our highest level of recognition – with donors providing cumulative annual gifts of $10,000 or more. This is a select group of individuals who directly support immediate and long-term priorities that speak to Evangel’s calling and mission worldwide. Supporters partner directly with Dr. Taylor to address critical needs such as financial aid, service proposals, and a host of other essential priorities. In addition to the benefits of the President’s Club, members of this level engage with Dr. Taylor to discuss strategic university updates and planning initiatives.