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March 30th, 2012 | Shannyn Wong

Deciding to attend college can be an expensive decision no matter where you go: the cost of housing, tuition, books, and not to mention all the furnishings that complete a dorm room. So, the question becomes, “how will I pay for all of these college expenses?”

I was faced with this exact question when it came to my college experience. Through prayer and hard work I received the finances that I needed to attend Evangel. I received several academic scholarships, and through saving and being diligent with my money, I was able to pay for my first year of college. God orchestrated all my finances to come together for my first year and I was blessed to not have to worry about the financial aspect of college (for my first year at least).

Recently, it was time to register for classes and figure out how I was going to pay for another year of college, and as always God provided in His perfect timing. God has blessed me with being an RA for next year and that will help cover some of my housing expenses. I was completely relieved when I received this position because a huge portion of my financial worries was being taken care of. A couple weeks ago I was praying that God would bring in more money through scholarships that would help cover the cost of my classes next fall. The next day I received a letter from the Communications Department saying that I had received a $500 scholarship on top of my previous academic scholarships.

God’s faithfulness blew me away once again! I went to Him with the concerns that were on my heart and He provided the answer I needed, and the reminder that He cares about the things that occupy my heart. Finances can be hard thing to deal with, but trust God that He will provide for you to attend college; continually ask Him to show you opportunities to apply for scholarships, to provide a job, and for wisdom with your finances. He will always answer you in His perfect timing!


Shannyn Wong

Advertising and Public Relations Major | Class of 2014

Shannyn is an Advertising/Public Relations major from Loveland, Colorado. She is an RA in Lewis Hall. She encourages prospective students to seek God’s will for college.

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