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September 25th, 2012 | Christina Jeter

By Christina Jeter

Rather than dish out hard-earned cash for a big screen movie, the Activities Board provided Evangel students with a free option for Friday night fun last weekend. Movie on the Lawn is a tradition here at Evangel University that I look forward to every semester. Usually the featured movie is a recent theatrical release or big name movie.

Past featured films have included Toy Story 3, Star Trek, Inception and The Avengers. However, I was pleasantly surprised to discover the Activities Board was going “old school” with this Friday flick.

Kara and I showed up early to enjoy a pre-movie commuter get together. S’mores, root beer floats and a rather humorous game of “chubby bunny” set the tone for an enjoyable night. The weather was just right. Cold enough for a hoodie, but my teeth weren’t chattering relentlessly either. I absolutely adore hoodie weather. Swaddled in my fleece blanket, I leaned back and enjoyed one of my all-time favorite movies on the big screen — The Princess Bride.

Side note. I’m a midnight premier person. Let me explain. I love attending midnight premiers because of the crowd. People who attend midnight showings are serious about their movie going experience. A hushed respect settles over the audience before the movie starts. They experience the movie with adrenaline-laced anticipation. The laughter, tears, gasps and contentment are amplified. The feelings linger long after the movie ends. Movie on the Lawn felt like a midnight premier. The crowd was primed for participation. The laughter echoed through the Quad, and the cheers shook the grounds. We experienced the movie together as an Evangel family. We watched a good, clean, wholesome movie and had a wonderful time. Who would have thought?

Sometimes all you need to do on a Friday night is watch a good movie with friends. A mental break helps prepare you for the weekend of studying ahead. All work and no play may make Jack a dull boy, but Evangel students are definitely not dull boys and girls. Movie on the Lawn is only one of many ways to balance work with play at Evangel University, so grab a fleece blanket and some hot cocoa and join us next time. You won’t regret it!

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Christina Jeter

English and Theatre Major | Class of 2013

Christina is a missionary kid from Spain but considers Waxahachie, Texas her hometown. She is a commuter student double majoring in English and Theater. She balances her nerdy past times and shows with outdoor activities like soccer and bike riding.

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