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“Will you be our sister floor?”

September 28th, 2012 | Ian Richardson

The excitement in the air was tangible last Friday as I huddled with 20-plus of my floor mates in the lobby of the fine arts building. Clutching a piece of poster board marked with a large letter “U,” I talked with a few of the others as we all waited for a signal.

Minutes slowly ticked by. Finally, we received the OK to sneak out the door, and we stealthily organized ourselves beneath the second-floor balcony of the student union. My RA led a group of blindfolded girls onto the balcony. We guys held up our signs. The girls removed their blindfolds. A gleeful commotion ensued, followed by a bit of formal pageantry that involved the signing of a fake marriage proposal and our awarding Hershey’s kisses to each of the smiling girls.

Operation successful. We had just proposed to our potential sister floor.

Brother-sister floors are a common phenomenon on Evangel’s campus, and this season is the prime time to witness some creative proposals. Often the forms these requests take are quite wacky, and many times the accepting floor finds an equally inventive way to say “yes.”

After the drama of the initial proposal and acceptance, the two floors plan fun events for the rest of the year. Game nights, movie nights, off-campus activities — the options are endless.

Brother-sister floors are one of many ways that you are able to spend time with new people and develop some great new relationships here on campus. Whether it is through your academic department, your residence hall or a student organization, Evangel offers several opportunities to form connections with those around you. In my case, floor events and departmental activities during my first semester helped me meet many of the friends that I have today.

If you are wondering how a person coming into a new environment like this could ever form friendships from the ground up again, take heart. Here at Evangel, we are all brothers and sisters in Christ, and there’s always room for one more in the family. As I continue meeting new people, I am just as astounded with how accepting the people here are as the day that I first visited. There are plenty of students who share your passions and interests, and group activities are a great way to meet them. So get involved. You never know, the next person you meet could become a lifelong friend.

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Ian Richardson

English Major | Class of 2015

Ian is a senior English major from Afton, Iowa. He lives in Scott Hall and writes for the Evangel University website and the Lance. Ian says the thing he loves most about Evangel is the sense of community.

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