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The homecoming crown jewels

October 26th, 2012 | Landon Johnson

Homecoming week at Evangel is all about tradition. There are special Chapel services, featured alumni speakers and, of course, plenty of opportunities to display school spirit.

I advise any prospective student to take part in our homecoming festivities because you will get to be a part of the process of the Evangel experience as well as interact with the product of the Evangel experience — the alumni.

One of the highly anticipated traditions of homecoming is the coronation ceremony — the crowning of the homecoming king and queen. Each year, the senior class nominates five men and women to be on the homecoming court. From these 10 individuals the whole student body votes on the new homecoming king and queen.

It is understood that these 10 individuals are thought of very highly by their fellow classmates and represent the qualities of the ideal Evangel student.

These are the kind of people who remind me of Matthew 5:16. “Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven.”

Homecoming courts come and go; however, the student body, as well as the institution, has done a wonderful job of keeping the characteristics of the homecoming court the same.

Robert Spence, Anne Spence, Ro Augustin, Blake Peterson

President Spence and his wife, Anne, enjoy the annual tradition of congratulating the new homecoming queen and king, Ro Augustin and Blake Peterson.

This year the two students crowned were none other than Ro Augustin and Blake Peterson. If you had the pleasure of knowing these two Evangel students, you would immediately recognize Ro’s very genuine and outgoing persona as well as Blake’s pleasant and humbling attitude that would challenge anyone. They both truly deserve title of king and queen, and to both of them I say congratulations for going down in Evangel history!

I must admit, blogging about this years’ homecoming court brings back a sparkle of a memory, because it has been exactly a year since I was crowned the Evangel University homecoming king in the fall of 2011. I had the wonderful pleasure of passing the title off to Blake this past weekend. Throughout the experience, I’ve tried to remain humble and have strived to follow the example that our wonderful alumni put forth — a great representation of what Evangel is all about. These alumni are the real crown jewels of Evangel.

You can read as many blogs as you want, but you won’t fully understand until you dive in as a student. Hope to see you all walking the sidewalks of the Evangel campus soon. Until then — I’m out!

Want more? See lots of great homecoming pics on the Evangel Undergrad Facebook page.

Landon Johnson

Biology Major | Class of 2012

Landon is a Biology/Pre-Veterinary Medicine major from Henderson, Kentucky. He lives in Lewis Hall. He is involved with Lewis Hall Council, Worship Team and Activities Board. “The best thing about Evangel is that every day I get to do life with some of the most amazing people God has to offer."

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