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Procrastinators unite tomorrow

October 29th, 2012 | Laura Vallelonga

Since middle school, procrastinating has been a huge issue for me. With school and work and friends, I have always struggled to find time for sleep and homework.

However, during my freshman year of college, I remember thinking, “Wow, this whole college thing seems way easier than everyone makes it out to be.” Somehow, finding time for everything that first year wasn’t much of an issue for me. Most of my classes were general education courses and none of them seemed to have too many difficult assignments to complete. Sure, things were challenging at times, but I could handle it. Not only could I handle school, but I could always say “yes” to my friends.

Honestly, everything seemed to be going great — until my sophomore year.

Out of nowhere, things went from smooth sailing to completely unmanageable. Assignments were piling up, sleep was being lost, and worst of all I was constantly dreading the next day because I simply wasn’t prepared for my classes. All-nighters were no longer associated with friends and movies; they were now associated with cramming and stress. I was still finding myself frequently saying “yes” to going places and doing things and “later” to my homework. I would go hang out with people and love it only to feel angry with myself later for my procrastinating ways.

Thankfully, Evangel offers many helpful ways for students, such as me, to improve upon their time management and studying skills. We have free counseling services, writing tutors and a great academic support center with numerous options to help students out. Evangel also has outstanding professors who are always ready to offer their assistance. Sometimes, the hardest part is admitting to yourself that you need help with stuff and then asking for it. However, I can honestly say that, each and every time I have asked for help during college I have never left feeling embarrassed or disappointed.

I have learned that I cannot always say “yes” to my friends. At the end of the day, I am here to get an education, and as hard as it is for me to say “no,” sometimes it is necessary. Maybe one day I’ll be so grown up that procrastinating will no longer be an issue for me—who knows, there’s always tomorrow. Until then though, I’m thankful that I go to a college that gives me resources and helps me along the way.

Laura Vallelonga

Biblical Studies and Intercultural Studies major | Class of 2013

Laura Vallelonga, a senior from Bridgeport, West Virginia, is majoring in Biblical Studies and Intercultural Studies. She lives in Burgess Hall and has been involved in Branched Out, the CROSSwalk Student Ministries dance team.

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