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November 5th, 2012 | Christina Jeter

One of the most difficult subjects to master at any university is the subject of stress. Every student encounters stress at some point, though it may manifest in different ways for different people.

While in the midst of an emotional breakdown the other day, a teacher stepped in and talked me through it. Teachers at Evangel care about their students. Evangel University may be small compared to other schools, but the “smallness” allows teachers to invest in their students lives. When I needed to step back from my studies, Mr. Smith took me out for coffee and a talk. At large universities, professors don’t have time to take students out to coffee and just talk.

One of the “small” aspects of Evangel is the Theatre department. Evangel’s Theatre department may not have Broadway dance classes or expensive productions, but the smallness of the department allows students to learn every aspect of theater. We’re learning valuable tools which will help us in the theatre and movie industries. Drama students don’t acquire jobs through acting alone. They “sneak in the door” with behind the scenes jobs. Evangel helps the aspiring actor learn what it takes to work behind the scenes while simultaneously mastering the art stage craft.

When I told a fellow student I was a Theatre major, he laughed and remarked that my class load must be easy. Don’t be fooled. Theatre classes aren’t easy. In Design Graphic, we learned the ins and outs of set design. We were required to design a set for a production. We not only were required to draw a floor plan to architectural scale, but to build a model of the design as well. In Principles of Directing we are not only learning to direct but are in the process of dissecting plays. I’m working on Crimes of the Heart by Beth Henley. She is a fantastic author and her play has been a joy to research.

When experiencing stress, it is important to take a step back and breathe. College isn’t an end but only a beginning. Some of my most life-changing experiences have come from Evangel University, and most of these experiences wouldn’t have happened at a bigger university. When considering colleges, don’t let the “smallness” of Evangel turn you away. We may be small, but we have a lot of heart!

Want more? Read about assistant professor of drama David Smith’s efforts to produce King Lear in the round in March of 2012.


Christina Jeter

English and Theatre Major | Class of 2013

Christina is a missionary kid from Spain but considers Waxahachie, Texas her hometown. She is a commuter student double majoring in English and Theater. She balances her nerdy past times and shows with outdoor activities like soccer and bike riding.

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