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Registration: The beginning of a new adventure

November 26th, 2012 | Ian Richardson

Two Fridays ago I passed the evening with a late-night cup of coffee, my British Literature textbook and several turns of Words with Friends. As I noticed the hour drawing near, I grabbed my laptop and trekked across the hall to where several of the guys from my floor were congregating. Each passing moment fueled my already high anticipation. It was almost midnight, the moment that would determine my destiny for the next semester. Online academic registration was about to begin.

Okay, so it might seem a bit nerdy that I get this excited for class registration. However, I have come to genuinely enjoy the freedom of designing my own class schedule here at college. Let me tell you a bit about how the process works at Evangel.

Every semester following your first one, you are in charge of planning out your academic schedule. Evangel publishes a course listing on the online student portal, displaying information about the following semester’s course offerings, including their times and who will be teaching each of them. Finding the best combination of times, classes and instructors can at times seem like a jigsaw puzzle. But it also gives you freedom. For example, if you want to sleep in on Fridays, you can design your schedule to accommodate, as long as none of your required classes are at a later time.

Once you’ve come up with a draft of your schedule, next comes the most helpful part of the scheduling process: a meeting with your adviser. As one of the professors in your department, your adviser knows all about the classes that you should be looking at taking and is there to help you work them in. If your adviser thinks your planned schedule is too intense, then he or she will let you know. Having the expertise of a professor on your side helps ensure scheduling success.

Then, on a certain date, scheduling officially opens on the student portal. Each weekend a different class gets to enter their schedules and submit them for their advisers’ approval.

And there you have it: the scheduling process. It’s one of the freedoms which I feel makes college far superior to high school. I also find the scheduling process is invigorating because I’m always excited about my slate of classes for the next semester.  I guess it’s another way I know that I’m pursuing what I love.

 Want more? Take a look at the academic programs that interest you and see some of the classes you will have the opportunity to take while at Evangel.

Ian Richardson

English Major | Class of 2015

Ian is a senior English major from Afton, Iowa. He lives in Scott Hall and writes for the Evangel University website and the Lance. Ian says the thing he loves most about Evangel is the sense of community.

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