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Preparing for college success — not as scary as you think it is

January 15th, 2013 | Laura Prosapio

High school is such an exciting time. To the student pursuing college, the preparation process may seem like a scary and confusing time, but I’m here to tell you that it CAN be done.

It’s hard to believe that this time last year, I was a high schooler wondering exactly what the next few years would hold. As I reflect back on my high school years, I realize how many of the choices I made then have impacted my life as a college freshman.

There are three things in particular I would love to share with you about my own high school journey that prepared me for college here at Evangel. By making use of each opportunity you are given in high school, you will be preparing yourself to succeed in college.

1. Explore your passions

High school is the perfect time to involve yourself with many different activities to find out what makes you feel the most you! When I was in high school, I found myself wanting to sample a little bit of everything in order to find out what I liked best. After experiencing Concert Choir in high school, singing ignited a passion in my soul to minister with others through music in college.

Trying out different clubs will allow you to not only find out more about yourself, but also will show the colleges you apply to that you are willing to grow in multiple areas. That’s a big plus for scholarship applications as well.

2. Take classes that challenge you

Ultimately, classes that are more difficult are the ones that will stretch your mind and also your interests. For example, when I was a junior, I was grappling with the idea of whether or not to take Advanced Placement U.S. History. After much deliberation, I decided to go for it. It ended up being the best course I ever took in high school, and I learned beyond anything I had experienced before.

And, as a plus, I got to transfer college credit here to Evangel. This helps me in my pursuit of a Psychology degree because it allows me to take higher-level classes sooner.

I would encourage you to explore the Advanced Placement program if you have it available at your high school. AP classes were not only the most challenging for me, but they were also the most rewarding.

3. Ask God to direct your steps

Ultimately, God places a purpose within each of us — and He gives us opportunities each day to explore that purpose. High school is a wonderful opportunity to get involved in helping those around you. Think about getting involved in a ministry at your church. Whether you are a greeter, a nursery worker, or a helper in the kids ministry — you are allowing God to use you to show His love. Day-by-day, as we allow God to use us, He molds us into exactly who He wants us to be in each season.

If you are facing uncertainty about your college choice, I encourage you to ask God to help lead you to where He will best equip you. Where God calls you to be, He will provide. Trust that as you surrender your big steps in life to Him,  He will take you on the greatest adventure you could ever imagine.

“Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and your plans will succeed.” — Proverbs 16:3

Laura Prosapio

Psychology and English Major | Class of 2016

Laura is a junior from Chicago double-majoring in Psychology and English. She has continued her high school passion for music by participating in Evangel’s Concert Choir. Her favorite thing about attending Evangel is living and learning with a community of believers who encourage her walk with God.

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