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Is private college worth the price tag?

January 16th, 2013 | Christina Jeter

Let’s be real. An important factor to consider when choosing a college is money. College is expensive. Reducing college tuition as much as possible is, therefore, ideal.

While numerous arguments have been made regarding public and private schools, my intention in this blog is not to systematically weigh the pros and cons of public and private universities. Instead, I hope to share some of my gathered wisdom regarding the tuition costs.

If you came up and asked me, “Is a private college worth the price tag?” I would answer, “It depends.”

I’m intentionally being coy here. For me, private college is worth the price tag, but for you that may or may not be the case. If God is calling you to a private college, then it’s worth the cost.

During my years here at Evangel, I have witnessed God provide in amazing ways. He has both provided instantaneously and over longer stretches of time. When my roommate needed money to stay another semester at Evangel, God provided the money she needed through an immediate and unexpected gift. I have also seen students take sabbaticals for semesters in order to work and earn money to come back to Evangel. Why would students put forth that much effort to pay for a private school?

Simple. They were called.

God called me to Evangel University. Even if it meant more money in my savings account, I wouldn’t trade my experience at Evangel University for anything! The experiences I’ve had and the friends I’ve made are more than worth the price of tuition.

The price tag of private schools, like Evangel, can be unnerving at first glance. But if God calls you to a private school, then there is no question — it’s worth the price tag. During my years at Evangel, God has provided through various scholarships including the Assemblies of God world missionary discount, an academic scholarship and a private scholarship.

When I first arrived at college, I thought scholarships were only for high school seniors or college freshmen. I was wrong. Two of my scholarships were accumulated during my career at Evangel. Is private college worth the price tag? Yes, because God provides.

Want more? Our amazing Student Financial Services staff is dedicated to helping every student find the maximum amount of financial aid possible. Check out our Financial Aid page and contact us for more help in making your dream to attend Evangel come true.

Christina Jeter

English and Theatre Major | Class of 2013

Christina is a missionary kid from Spain but considers Waxahachie, Texas her hometown. She is a commuter student double majoring in English and Theater. She balances her nerdy past times and shows with outdoor activities like soccer and bike riding.

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