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Being boss, and what dorm life is actually like

February 3rd, 2013 | Hope Hamilton

There are a lot of things people say about dorm life, ranging from, “It’s loud and there’s no privacy” to “I made all of my best friends there,” and depending on what you’ve heard you probably have either a very negative or a positive outlook upon the prospect dorm life.

Well as an expert in this industry (I’ve lived in a dorm for five months), I’m here to give you the inside scoop.

First of all my floor is boss. “Boss?” you may ask. Yes boss. For those who don’t know, ”boss” is a slang term defined as “very good, excellent, cool and awesome,” But to Evangel students it is more than that; it means Spence Third North.

OK so maybe we’re not that famous, but my floor is great.

We are a group of girls from all walks of life who’ve grown as close as sisters. Some have been through several years of life experiences together and others have been with us just a few weeks and fallen in love with our fun family atmosphere. We have floor events every couple of weeks and devotionals together every week.

We also have an open-door policy, which means when someone leaves her door open you can go in and pour your heart out, and she will listen and love you.

When choosing to live in a closed in area with a large amount of people, privacy is always going to be a question, but on our floor I have never known it to be an issue. If someone’s door is closed, you can knock; but everyone is given the space they need to have alone time and do homework.

But no one stays secluded for too long.

Every week on my floor we have what is called “The boss of the week,” where one person from our floor is featured, and everyone else on the floor writes “the boss” letters. The chosen boss also gets to take care of the resident plastic gnome, whose name is Rudolpho (don’t ask).

My roommate has become my closest friend, and most of the girls on my floor I count among my dearest close friends. We pray for each other, and any time I have a prayer need I know where to go. We are family.

Now of course not every floor can be as boss as Spence Third North, but I have friends from floors all over campus, and they all love their halls and have built their closest relationships with the people who live around them.

Dorm life is not without its challenges, but the worst of it is just getting used to not having a kitchen (or mommy to buy toilet paper). So if you have the opportunity to live on Evangel’s campus, take it — and thank me for being boss later.

Want more? Read up on all the details of residence life at Evangel.

Hope Hamilton

Advertising/Public Relations Major | Class of 2014

Hope is a senior Advertising/Public Relations major with a minor in Nonprofit Business and Social Enterprise. She is from Vero Beach, Florida, and loves people, the outdoors, music, worship and missions. Hope is currently the assistant director of outreach for Evangel's CROSSwalk student ministries organization.

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