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Faith plus action equals financial provision

February 12th, 2013 | Brandon Hoffman

Whether we like to admit it or not, many things in life will come down to dollars and cents. Both current and prospective students usually find that finances are constantly on the brain.

As I searched for a school, my quest devolved from the necessity to gain higher learning to eventually hoping to find the highest bidder: Which school will cost me, personally, the least? In the state of Georgia, my home state, we have a very simple scholarship program that awards full tuition for all residents who maintained a minimum 3.0 GPA (the standards have since gone up since my days as a high school student) and planned to attend a public institution.

I, however, wanted to go to a Christian school to study missiology, as was my desire at the time, and felt that a public institution would not serve me well.

It was my goal that my parents would not have to contribute one cent extra toward my higher education since the state of Georgia was essentially offering me a full ride. Seeing as I was an average student and athlete at best, it wasn’t all that likely that I would get as good of a deal anywhere else. Nonetheless, I embarked on my search. Fortunately, I stumbled across Evangel University. After a quick interview with the head track coach, I was certain where I would be going to school.

Fast forward to my freshman year, I befriended a good man named Jeremy Crabtree. Whereas my financial situation was riddled with good fortune and luck, Jeremy’s was not. Impressively, not only was his background surprisingly difficult, but he had come to Evangel with the full faith that God would provide. When the first bill came due he confided in me that he was sure he was going home, because he did not have the finances to continue to stay at Evangel.

Being my closest friend at Evangel, I selfishly approached the financial counselors and tearfully begged for them to help Jeremy. The counselors gladly threw themselves into Jeremy’s cause and found him assistance. As the old colloquialism goes, “you have not because you ask not.” Jeremy has also maintained a part time job for four years and, because of his academic excellence, has garnered scholarships in his years here. Jeremy is proudly graduating this May.

I asked if he could comment on these circumstances and he said, “I feel like when we are faithful to God, in the good and the bad, he will always be the same to us. If God has called us somewhere, He will provide.  He will never call us somewhere, and just leave us. Be encouraged that no matter where God sends us, He will also send support.”

Faith and action is the recipe to meeting financial needs. Be encouraged to find both.

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Brandon Hoffman

Finance Major | Class of 2013

Brandon Hoffman is a senior finance major from Woodstock, Georgia. He is a member of the Track and Field team and president of the Student Investment Group.

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