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Mind your own business!

June 24th, 2013 | Bernie Dana

Ever used the phrase, “Mind your own business?”

It is interesting how we see our everyday activities and transactions as our “business.”  So, why is “business” often painted negatively as being about greedy corporations making money?

In the Evangel University Business Department, we suggest that a more accurate view is that business is about effectively obtaining and organizing resources such as people, finances, technology, assets and image to achieve a mission.

The mission may be simply to have a home-based enterprise to provide family support. Or, the mission may be to start a small business that relates to a passion for the arts or sciences.

The mission may be to help people who are in need (Convoy of Hope, World Vision or Compassion International). We have a lot of business graduates who are thriving in nonprofit and social enterprise organizations that are dedicated to help mankind.

The mission may be ministry. At Evangel, some ministry majors add a business minor or concentration so they will be more effective in managing the church’s resources. Intercultural Studies majors add business as a gateway to countries that are difficult to access.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with a mission to ethically develop and provide products, services and ideas to people as part of the free enterprise system, whether a small or large business enterprise. We are blessed with many students who feel called to business as their vocation.

Everyone needs to understand how to be effective with the business part of their life. For this reason, Personal Finance is now a required course at Evangel for all students. Some students realize that they have been blessed with the talents and interest to thoroughly enjoy business as a vocation. This calling is no less important than one to full-time ministry.

The Evangel Business Department faculty are eager to help any student understand how to “mind their own business” in a way that honors the Lord. Let us know how we can help you discover your mission.

Want more? Read about ’06 grad Seth McClure and how his Evangel business degree has taken him across the globe.

Bernie Dana

Bernie Dana is chairman of the Business Department at Evangel University. Prior to joining the faculty in 2001, Dana served as the executive vice president of Vetter Health Services, Inc. He was also the corporate secretary and member of the board of directors of Vetter Holding, Inc., its 33 subsidiary corporations, and The Vetter Foundation, a charitable organization for support of Christian ministries and quality training in long-term care.

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