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God is still faithful — and Evangel is still ‘home’

September 19th, 2013 | Shannyn Wong

I remember back to the day that I moved onto Evangel’s campus as a transfer sophomore. As I stepped onto the campus, I was wondering how I could leave my family and the place I call home. This uneasy thought came to mind again as I started my senior year last month.

I was coming back to school without my best friends who had graduated last year, and 20 new faces were awaiting me on my floor. As a resident assistant (RA), I was nervous that my floor of 40 girls would not feel like home this year.

Four weeks have passed since everyone has moved on campus, and recently as I was praying and reflecting on that time I was reminded of God’s faithfulness. He has been faithful to me from the time I applied to Evangel, and He still is as I begin my final year.

His faithfulness this year has brought 40 strangers from all walks of life together to form a family. A family that is here to pray, celebrate, laugh and cry when our biological family is hundreds of miles away.

I have watched amazing friendships form these past few weeks, I have heard laughter coming from rooms at odd hours of the night, and I have seen unbreakable bonds form. God has been faithful to give me a floor that is home … a place where the girls I live with are family and where we say, “Once you’ve lived on L3N, you’re an L3Ner for life.”

God’s faithfulness is never failing and when we give it all to Him, He never disappoints.

I don’t know what your story is. But I can tell you, just like I tell the girls on my floor, if you press into Him He will be faithful and provide. Coming to Evangel has been the best decision that I have made. Evangel is home, it is family.  Each fall I look forward to coming home.

From one family member to another, “Welcome home!”

Want more? Read more about residence life and how we create a family atmosphere at Evangel.

Shannyn Wong

Advertising and Public Relations Major | Class of 2014

Shannyn is an Advertising/Public Relations major from Loveland, Colorado. She is an RA in Lewis Hall. She encourages prospective students to seek God’s will for college.

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