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Ten random reasons I love Evangel

October 1st, 2013 | Sean White

Students choose to attend Evangel University for a variety of reasons. The excellent academic programs, outstanding faculty and Christian community usually top the list. But behind all the big hits, there are thousands of little quirks that make Evangel the kind of place so many of us love to call home. There are hours of studying and late-night, coffee-fueled talks with friends and a wealth of oddities that Evangel packs into a semester. It would be impossible to list them all, but here is a list of the Top 10 random reasons I love Evangel:

1. Late-night food runs: Here at Evangel we have a particular affinity for Taco Bell and cheap Chinese food. Everyone needs a break from studying eventually. Whether it is a Crunchwrap Supreme, a pizza or a plate of cashew chicken (and if you haven’t yet tried Springfield-style cashew chicken, this is a must), a late night snack helps keep the brain working and the rumbling stomach at bay. And of course it’s better with EU friends.

2. Sidewalk drawings: One of my favorite parts of campus is the chalk art that mysteriously appears on the sidewalks around campus. Sidewalk drawings can be anything from student government campaign advertisements to excessively long hopscotch games that travel almost halfway across campus.

3. Cops and robbers: This is not your childhood game of glorified tag. This is a game that can stretch as far as two miles. Students begin on campus and must travel on foot to a specified destination in Springfield without being spotted by other students in cars. This game is a great way to get to know your peers and learn how to get around Springfield at the same time.

4. Spontaneous worship bands: These are not your typical single males looking to impress the ladies. Numerous times a semester students gather together on campus, usually outside, and have times of worship. Any Evangel experience is not complete without joining in with some a capella worship at the clock tower.

5. Eating with professors and others: There are many professors who join in for dinner in the cafeteria with students before their evening classes, and there are a few elderly couples as well. Sharing a meal with professors and others is always a fun and enriching experience.

6. Everyone is as weird as me: Seriously, just be who you are because chances are that someone else is just as weird as you. Take it from the guy who just the other day tried to climb a pillar and failed with about 10 people watching, you will fit in here.

7. Random adventures: I love being spontaneous. There is no telling what kinds of adventures you can have when you get together with friends and have some free time. From geocaching to exploring downtown, you never know what adventures you will find yourself on.

8. Cooking at friends’ houses: Getting to cook for and with friends is a great experience. If you do not know how to cook, this is a great place to learn. Just be sure that any fires are quickly put out.

9. Looney Toons in the Joust: Nothing says bonding time like eating lunch and watching cartoons with friends. We may be college students, but we’re all just kids at heart.

10. Evangel-specific jokes and memes. Students have a great sense of humor, and that can be seen all over Twitter and Facebook on the various Evangel-specific humor pages.

Want more? Check out the Student Life page for more random reasons to love Evangel.

Sean White

Sean White, an Evangel junior, is from Long Island, New York. As a Journalism major with minors in Photography and Intercultural Studies, he has a passion for telling stories and using that gift to advance missions efforts around the world.

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