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Evangel celebrates American Education Week by investing in future teachers

November 18th, 2013 | Dr. Colleen Hardy

Ms. Johnson, Mrs. Terhune, Mrs. Pennington, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Walden, Ms. Rephlo, and Mrs. Logan. Even after all these years I can name every elementary teacher I had.

I remember how each teacher looked, what they said to me on various occasions, and specific events that occurred in the classroom. I can even remember sitting in the classroom, and the beautiful Mrs. Jones telling me that I asked a good question.

I remember the temperature of the room when Mrs. Rephlo taught us about the Civil War. I remember Mrs. Logan greeting Dr. Brewer just before he conducted an eye-popping science experiment in our sixth grade classroom. As I think of these experiences during this reflective time of year, I am grateful for the education I received in elementary and beyond.

Education Week Features:

I am also grateful for the education that is to come; not for myself, but what I see developing in the education students at Evangel. These students arrive on campus in various forms of readiness for the rigors of an education program, but with a common desire to teach. They have a high level of commitment that is rooted in a calling to serve students and a caring spirit that seeks to serve the whole child.

I am grateful for the students that have come through Evangel during my time here. I have watched them graduate, begin their careers, and accomplish great things. They are shaping the future of children every day through their care, commitment and competence.

Evangel University is participating in a nationwide movement to celebrate teachers through American Education Week, November 18-22, 2013. According to the National Education Association, the event “presents all Americans with a wonderful opportunity to celebrate public education and honor individuals who are making a difference in ensuring that every child receives a quality education.”

Each day this week we will post a story about the work that is going on in the Education Department at Evangel and what our graduates are accomplishing around the world.

Please take time this week to read through the stories and celebrate education with us. We also invite you to make a donation to the Education Department so that we can help our future teachers continue to make a difference. Caring, committed, competent teachers truly do shape the future!

Invest in future teachers at Evangel in honor of American Education Week


Dr. Colleen Hardy

Dr. Colleen Hardy

Dr. Colleen Hardy is chair of the Education Department at Evangel University. A 1985 graduate of EU, she spent 15 years as a classroom teacher and has worked with the Missouri Department of Education. She is married to Dr. Keith Hardy, who chairs Evangel's Kinesiology Department. They have two daughters.

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