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Christmas for your dorm room in three easy steps

December 11th, 2013 | Hannah Beers

So, it’s the Christmas season (cue Andy Williams’ “Most Wonderful Time of the Year”) and you’re wondering how you’ll survive next year in a dorm room that looks nothing like your definition of festive (in my world that means EVERYTHING Christmas).

That will leave you, future Evangel student, with only one option: decorate on a very small budget. That is what I, the Christmas fanatic, will demonstrate for you today.

image007First of all, you should know that Walmart, Hobby Lobby and Target will become your best friends during this season. So, if you can’t convince your mom to send you some extra decorations, do not fear. You CAN succeed!

First necessity: LIGHTS. They’re simple, easy and cheap. Two boxes of 100 lights will cost you maybe $10 at Walmart … maybe more, maybe less.

String them in any variety of patterns: the zigzag, the swirl, the frame, etc. Creativity is your closest companion and command hooks make everything possible.

Secondly: snowflakes. Yes, I know you’re thinking of that 1st grade, jagged scissor and shaky hand looking piece of shredded paper, but don’t worry, here is a tutorial that will make snowflake making easier than packaged cookie dough.

ornamentsLastly: embellishments. It all depends here on what you want to spend. These ornaments (that have yet to be put on the tree) were $3 and the wreath was maybe $4. My mini Christmas tree was something that my mom had around the house. My favorite thing? $1 stockings. With those and a little paint, you can have a keepsake that you’ll laugh at 30 years from now.

There you go. Christmas for your dorm room in 3 easy steps. Don’t worry, you still get to go home and make cookies with your sister.

Merry Christmas!

Hannah Beers

Hannah Beers is a junior Advertising/PR and Government/Pre-Law double major from Steelville, Missouri but destined for Washington, D.C. As Evangel Student Government Association Senate President, Evangel College Republican Chair, Missouri Federation of College Republicans secretary, a photographer, and founder of the Insecurely Movement, she's almost too busy to write this blog. But, she loves sharing about Evangel, and she's not very good at saying no, so she's sharing the journey here.

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