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Finals week survival strategies for high school and college students

December 11th, 2013 | Sean White

Finals: the snow is falling, the projects are piling up and students are sitting inside studying, drinking enough coffee to burn a hole through Mars.

Studying for finals can be quite the experience; the key is to understand how you study best and how to find the right study group to join. Whether you are a high school or a college student, you need some go-to advice for surviving the tests so you can get the Christmas celebrating under way.

For some, the best way to study is to find a nice quiet place on campus, or off campus, and hit the books. I call this the “lockdown method.” This is really a good way to study before entering a group study session; you prepare yourself and can be a great asset in the group.

Other people do best in a group setting. Sometimes the best way to really understand information is to explain it to each other and work it out in a group. I call this the “academic herd mentality.” This method has its pros and cons; you often get different perspectives on the information presented in class; however, there is much more potential for distraction. In general I would recommend using this method after doing some study on your own. It helps to solidify information in your head beforehand so that you are not completely confused in the group setting.

One great method of studying is something you have probably done since second grade: flash cards. These are one of the best methods of memorizing key vocabulary — how else will you remember the ever-important five principles of design or the definition of “Semi-Pelagianism?”

Now, how can the average student enable himself (or herself) to handle the massive amounts of information that needs to be remembered at a moment’s notice?

Coffee, lots and lots of coffee.

Coffee is the fuel that makes the college world go round. During the most stressful times of the year students find themselves staying up late to finish last-minute projects and papers. This atmosphere causes them to drink obscene amounts of caffeinated beverages. Just be sure to know your limits; you will not do yourself any good if you have so much that you are more likely to start flying than actually write that paper.

Keep in mind that you can always ask other students for help. We all go through the same things this time of year. Keep your books open and your travel mug full and you will do just fine.

Want more? View the complete finals schedule for the Fall 2013 semester at Evangel.

Sean White

Sean White, an Evangel junior, is from Long Island, New York. As a Journalism major with minors in Photography and Intercultural Studies, he has a passion for telling stories and using that gift to advance missions efforts around the world.

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