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Four reasons why college breaks are way better than high school breaks

January 2nd, 2014 | Ian Richardson

I may be a bit late, but Merry Christmas!

How has your break been so far? Mine has been pretty awesome. Since leaving campus a couple weeks ago (has it really already been two weeks?) to go home to the great state of Iowa, not only have I had the chance to relax and enjoy the holidays with my family, but I’ve also been able to travel and visit relatives who I don’t get to see that often.

I’ve especially been enjoying the change of pace and having a chance to see old friends, play family games, bake cookies, decorate (and undecorate) for Christmas, eat my mom’s and grandma’s home cooking and much, much more.

Breaks are great, aren’t they? As I’ve grown older and moved farther away from home, I seem to keep finding myself appreciating my days off more and more.

So now, as I’m kicking back on my final week of Christmas vacation at home, I’d like to offer you a few reasons why college breaks are better than the ones you get in high school.

1. There are more of them.

Even the short holidays, although they’re not always long enough to go home, offer a bit of a breath (and sometimes a homework catch-up day) from the usual swing of things. There is, of course, your typical Labor Day Monday in September, but we also get a few days off I’d never had back at public school, such as Good Friday and Dead Day, which is the day of no classes right before final exams begin.

Ian home at Christmas

Enjoying Christmas with the family.

2. They’re longer.

I remember how much my mind was blown as a freshman when I first learned that we got almost a whole month off for Christmas most years. After all the demands of the fall semester, it’s so nice to have an extended period of time to relax with no homework or tests looming over your head. Also, in the summer, Evangel finishes classes long before my old high school does. This is much to the envy of my little sister, but I think I’m pretty good about not rubbing it in – at least not too much.

3. You have opportunities to study and serve abroad.

Several groups travel on study, service or mission trips every Spring Break and summer. The great thing is that everyone at Evangel has the opportunity to take advantage of during his or her time here, one of the things that make breaks at Evangel unique.

4. They’re more special.

I’ve come to appreciate breaks so much more now that I’m in college. Part of it is that I’m more involved and a whole lot busier, but another part of it is how it is more special when I get to go home and see my family. Since those times are fewer, the moments we share together are much more cherished.

So, there you have it: four reasons to love breaks in college. Enjoy the rest of whatever Christmas Break you may have left, and Happy New Year!

Ian Richardson

English Major | Class of 2015

Ian is a senior English major from Afton, Iowa. He lives in Scott Hall and writes for the Evangel University website and the Lance. Ian says the thing he loves most about Evangel is the sense of community.

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