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Financial Aid Blog: Scholarship search like mining for gold

January 8th, 2014 | Financial Aid Counselors

Searching for a scholarship takes time, hard work and patience. But like a miner looking for gold, the payoff of a successful search can be more than worth it.

There are two different types of scholarships to consider when planning to pay for school: institutional scholarships (may also be called grants or discounts) and outside scholarships.

Institutional scholarships are awarded by the school you are considering. It is important to review all of the requirements for each scholarship that the school offers. You can even use your admissions counselor or financial counselor as a resource to help you in this search. Securing these institutional awards starts with organizing the list of scholarships that you qualify for and keeping pace with the deadlines. If you aren’t sure about a particular institutional scholarship, don’t be afraid to ask.

Outside scholarships can come from any source outside of the school. There are literally thousands of different outside scholarships available to students, offered by organizations, government entities and even families. It is important to search for outside scholarships early and often in your high school career.

Many people don’t realize that a student can begin applying for outside scholarships from the time they enter high school as a freshman. You simply want to pay attention to the requirements for the scholarships and whether or not it is awarded to underclassmen. If you have visited Evangel, you have probably heard us stress the importance of outside scholarships.

You can check out our scholarships page for links to individual outside scholarships along with links to outside scholarship search sites. These are great resources that will really help students keep scholarships organized by deadline date.

Other great resources include your high school guidance counselor, your local chamber of commerce, mom or dad’s employer, local businesses, and your very own high school. Don’t get discouraged — you will apply for way more than you will receive. Every little bit can help you make it to the school of your dreams, so don’t waste any more time. Go start applying now!

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The financial aid blog addresses some of the most pressing questions when it comes to paying for college. Straight from the desks of our financial aid counselors, these posts are intended to provide clarity and resources for students and families.

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