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Spence Hall: Knit together

February 4th, 2014 | Hope Hamilton

At this point all of my fellow bloggers have had their say about their residence halls, and the time has come to introduce you to the place I call home: Spence Hall. Spence is the women’s dorm on the southernmost end of Evangel’s campus. We are in close proximity to the fine arts building, and the student union and dining hall building.

Having read about the other dormitories, I’m sure you’re aware by now that every dorm has its own personality and stereotype. Spence’s stereotype is the nerdy (we have the honors floor), fun and marriageable girls—which to be painfully honest, is why I picked the dorm to begin with.

While no stereotype is ever fully accurate; I will say Spence is the only hall that has frequent knitting parties. Thus the title of this blog (I forgot to take my corny pill today). In all seriousness, Spence has a unique atmosphere where everyone is knit together in this journey.

Each of our six floors has weekly devotions, and a few times a semester we have hall chapels.  From the weekly sharing of life in devotionals, to the times where our entire building comes together to worship God, Spence is a hall where women grow with and encourage other women through their daily life. College is a time where many life changes take place, and one cannot underestimate the power of being surrounded by godly caring sisters through every trial and change that takes place during these years.

One of the more fun things about Spence Hall, is our frequent hall events, because they all inevitably involve food and craziness. We have “SpenceBucks,” which takes place once a semester when Spence is transformed into a homey coffee shop, and live music is shared with friends over coffee. We also have “PJ’s and Pancakes” every semester, as well as frequent “Smarty Parties” where Panera and coffee are served for free to students spending the night studying.

It would be a crime to write a blog about Spence Hall and not mention our “mother.” Andrea Greer is the Residence Hall Director for Spence, and over the past several months she has become something of a hero to me. Andrea lives in Spence, maintains the order, trains leaders, organizes everything that takes place in the hall, and serves as a mother-like figure to a couple hundred girls. However, she goes above and beyond her job description by giving of herself constantly to every girl in the hall. Andrea’s door is almost always open, and she is often found serving cookies to anyone wanting to talk. She meets individually with every leader in Spence, and challenges and encourages each of us incredibly.

From our study parties and hall events to our knitting parties, every girl in Spence is bound together in this season of our lives. We share a home, an amazing leader, and a common love of food and fun. We’re walking through life together and we love it.

Want more? See photos of Spence Hall.


Hope Hamilton

Advertising/Public Relations Major | Class of 2014

Hope is a senior Advertising/Public Relations major with a minor in Nonprofit Business and Social Enterprise. She is from Vero Beach, Florida, and loves people, the outdoors, music, worship and missions. Hope is currently the assistant director of outreach for Evangel's CROSSwalk student ministries organization.

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