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Krause Hall: Wild, untamed, passionate

February 17th, 2014 | Riley Anderson

If you have ever heard anything about Krause Hall, then you probably know we are proudly EU’s wild-child. Whether it is in our relationships, our sports, our faith or our dreams, we strive to be untamed. In Krause you will find men who desire to tenaciously pursue the manhood that God has called them to and passionately desire to see their brothers do the same. To live in Krause is to live wild.

It takes a strong man to lead these guys and that is exactly what Krause has. It is an honor to call Rob Awil, our resident director, friend and brother. He settles for nothing less than everything you’ve got, and that is why we strive to dream big for our lives and our Lord. Rob loves the men of Krause and passionately pursues Christ; this makes him and incredible leader.

After surviving two and a half years here and now being the proud RA (resident assistant) of K2S, it truly is an honor to rep Krause Hall as my home. You may have heard the stereotype of Krause being the dorm full of jocks — giant football players devouring freshmen, 9-foot-tall EU basketball stars that tower over you, hallways filled with the thunderous clanging of baseball cleats… ok, so it’s not quite that intense. Granted, Krause’s convenient stone’s-throw distance from the Ashcroft and Mabee Fitness Center makes for the perfect dorm to set up EU’s sport’s headquarters, but you’d be amazed at how diverse this hall truly is. Amongst the highlights of ESPN you’ll also hear pencils hard at work, the sounds of live saxophones and guitars, and the voices of your fellow residents laughing, praying and sharing life.

Thanks to the variety of characters this hall has to offer and the natural sense of brotherhood, it’s easy to find a place to belong. Each floor has its own culture and sense of family. Having this family-like atmosphere is crucial to thriving here at EU. The men of K2S have been my Evangel family for more than two years now, and I’ve never felt brotherhood like this before. To know you have brothers ready to charge with you into the heat of battle and defend you is a very empowering thing. I’m encouraged, challenged and supported by men I can proudly call family.

What is it that helps build such amazing relationships? Amazing experiences. “Go big or go home” is an understatement when it comes to a Krause man. Higgings, Evangel’s largest annual Christmas party is hosted by K2S. For the warmer months, grab some board shorts and hit up Krause’s “Wet’n Wild”— a 50 foot slip’n slide. There is so much to be a part of from ping-pong, arm-wrestling, and video game tournaments to movies in Krause’s Hanzinski Theater room. Krause is the place where life isn’t just lived, it’s experienced. Evangel can be a jungle, and sometimes the only way to survive is to live untamed.

Want more? Check out photos of Higgins.

Riley Anderson

Riley Anderson is a junior Biblical Studies and Psychology major from St. Louis, Missouri. He serves as a resident assistant in Krause Hall.

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