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Is college just a necessary evil?

July 9th, 2014 | Dr. Jon Spence

Today, high school students like you face a real battle when it comes to deciding what to do after graduation. You may see college as a necessary evil to get a career and move on with life. Or you may have read conflicting headlines that confuse you about whether or not you even need a degree to get a good job. And you may be overwhelmed by the growing challenge of education debt.

I realize how overwhelming it can be to have to make such major life decisions before you are even old enough to vote. That’s why I encourage students to consider deeper issues as they think about college.

College is more than earning a degree that pays the bills. It’s also about the development of your brain. Between the ages of 18 and 22 there is opportunity for your brain to change and develop exponentially — just like it did in your first few years of life and the early stages of adolescence.

This is the time of life when a person’s worldview is being constructed. Worldview is a word we use at Evangel a lot; it basically just means your philosophy of life or the way you see the world. Everything from faith, career, community, family and politics will be seen through the lens of your worldview. Whether you start college or not during this stage of life, your lens of perspective will be at a vulnerable and flexible stage of growth.

One of the most important duties of higher education professionals is the responsible stewardship in assisting students in the shaping of their worldview. So what kind of responsible stewardship can a student expect at Evangel University?

Students certainly do not arrive as blank slates – they carry with them the perspective built by family, friends, church and hometown culture. Our faculty establish partnerships with students akin to the master craftsman teaching and training an apprentice. Together they work together to build on the foundation laid earlier in life and construct a fully developed worldview that is Christ-centered with a unique and personalized fit for each student.

Upon graduation, Evangel students walk out with more than a degree. They possess a lens that sees the opportunity to make a godly impact where ever their feet take them.

Dr. Jon Spence

Dr. Jon Spence

Dr. Jon Spence is director of Leadership Studies at Evangel University. As the son of longtime president Robert H. Spence, who retired last May, Jon has seen the institution through the eyes of a child, student, alumnus and faculty member, giving him a unique perspective of the University. He holds a master's degree from Missouri State University and a doctorate from the University of Missouri.

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