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Are you afraid you’ll choose the wrong major?

July 24th, 2014 | Dr. Jon Spence

One of the important principles that a student is taught at Evangel University is that God operates in a providential way; there are no accidents or coincidences.

A consistent anxiety among students is a fear that they will pour time and energy in a direction only to find out that it was way off the right track, “What if I get to the end of four years only to find out I was in the wrong major?!” Even more familiar is the Christian campfire horror story: “The student who went to college and couldn’t find God’s will.”

Some students storm the gates of college with a career vision that has been burning in them since childhood. My doctor knew he was going into medicine as a teenager; in fact, he was so confident, he had a vanity license plate that said DOC2BE. He loved his preparation and never wavered, graduating first in his med school class. Personally, every time I go in for a physical, I’m thankful for that focused drive.

However, this is the exception, not the rule.

Most students will change lanes more than once. I believe my count was four. Where I landed is what I love – teaching. I chose education because I learned one of two important principles. One, a natural interest is God breathed, explore it. I had a knack for explaining things and helping people understand. It just made sense that education was my field. What do you love to do that is personally fulfilling?

Second, and most important, obedience opens more doors than a person can imagine. In the first chapter of Daniel, we find our hero faced with a fork in the road. He and his roommates are hundreds of miles from home, away from parental supervision. There before them were all the entrapping of a lifestyle that ran in opposition to theirs. But Daniel operated in obedience and “resolved” to maintain his allegiance to God. That resolve to obey placed Daniel in a position of incredible influence. Obedience simply is a dedicated heart to God. Are you spending time daily reading the Bible and in prayer?

Finally, if you are living with a heart of dedication to God and exploring your interests, the “will of God” looks like the fingers on a hand. There are many avenues, and God says, “Pick one and I will bless you!”

Dr. Jon Spence

Dr. Jon Spence

Dr. Jon Spence is director of Leadership Studies at Evangel University. As the son of longtime president Robert H. Spence, who retired last May, Jon has seen the institution through the eyes of a child, student, alumnus and faculty member, giving him a unique perspective of the University. He holds a master's degree from Missouri State University and a doctorate from the University of Missouri.

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