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On getting involved in college

November 3rd, 2014 | Sean White

Getting plugged in to campus life is essential to getting the most out of your college experience. I remember when I was a freshman, there were so many places I wanted to get involved. Everywhere around Evangel’s campus there were opportunities to get connected. There were so many choices!

That first year, I chose to get involved with devotionals on my floor and the Outdoor Adventure Club. It was an incredible experience to lead to guys on my floor in devotions, and I loved having the chance to get off campus to hike and camp in the beautiful Ozark Mountains.

During my sophomore year I joined the school newspaper, The Lance. That whole year was spent learning how a newspaper functions and how to be a better writer. That year was also when I became involved in a campus prayer ministry.

Outdoor Adventure Club camping trip

Outdoor Adventure Club camping trip last spring.

During my junior year I joined Activities Board, the organization responsible for planning the majority of events that happen on campus. I became a part of the video team for Activities Board, but there are several other ways to become involved, including skits team and décor team. These teams prepare for each semester’s big social event, Harvest Fest in the fall and Spring Fling in the spring.

There is a club for almost any interest; psychology, science, math, writing, just about anything.

There are also intramural sports that get each floor competing for the title of intramural champs. These games get intense as the semester goes on. Teams practice as often as a busy class schedule will allow and play games weekly.

Floor devos

Floor devotions are a great way to connect spiritually with others on campus.

CROSSwalk is the student ministries arm of campus. They provide students with opportunities to get involved with ministries on and off campus. Included under CROSSwalk are opportunities like children’s ministries, service work, campus ministry and prayer ministry. This also includes floor devotions.

Every month CROSSwalk holds an event called 24, which is a 24-hour worship and prayer service held in the chapel. Students can sign up for a time to lead worship, and others can come in and spend time in prayer for as long as they desire.

As you can see, there are many opportunities to get involved on campus. There is pretty much a club for every major and hobby. But if you do not find a club that you would like to see it is possible to create one!

Remember, college is what you make it. Find something to get involved in, and I can guarantee that you will not be bored.

Want more? Meet Evangel’s student activities director, Christy Rowden.

Sean White

Sean White, an Evangel junior, is from Long Island, New York. As a Journalism major with minors in Photography and Intercultural Studies, he has a passion for telling stories and using that gift to advance missions efforts around the world.

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