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Concordia Students

Concordia Students: We’ve Got You Covered

We’re here to help you finish your Ed.D. degree without losing momentum.

Consider transferring to our premier Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, Curriculum, and Instruction.  We’ve made the transfer process as smooth and streamlined as possible.

Consider these incentives developed especially for CU-P students who choose to transfer:

  • Competitive tuition of $600 per credit hour with a minimal $150 per semester student fee. In addition, all full-time CU-P transfer students will receive a $1,000 scholarship per academic year.
  • On-boarding and enrollment process for CU-P transfers is simple. The application process and application fee is waived.  Just complete and submit the form linked below along with your masters, specialist, and/or doctoral transcripts.
  • Each CU-P transfer student receives personal follow-up from an academic advisor to create an individualized program plan. We offer a variety of courses from which you can choose to complete the EU 50-credit requirement for degree completion.  Links below provide transfer credit course equivalencies for each of the Ed.D. programs offered at CU-P.
  • Already at the dissertation phase of your program? No problem! If all parties agree, you can continue with your CU-P dissertation advisor.  Our dissertation committee structure is the same as CU-P, and we will be happy to facilitate a remote dissertation proposal and defense event for you.  In addition, CU-P Institutional Review Board approval will be accepted by EU.


Dr. Chris Bauman, Evangel Ed.D. graduate, shares about how this program helped advance his career in education:



We would love to talk with you.

Please call or email Dr. Susan Langston, Ed.D. coordinator, at (417) 880-2909, extension 8552 or


Check out our course equivalency information: