Interim Department Chair

Dr. Duane Praschan

B.S. Cleveland State Universtiy
M.A. Assemblies of God Theological Seminary
M.Div. Ashland Theological Seminary
D.Min. Fuller Theological Seminary
Expertise in leadership, management, strategy and communications.

Shannon McClure – Administrative Assistant


Elizabeth Fletcher
B.B.A. Evangel University
M.B.A. Southwest Missouri State University
Ph.D. University of Missouri, Columbia (in progress)
Expertise in business law, accounting, finance and economics.
Coordinates global learning opportunities for business students.
Dale Manke
B.B.A. Evangel College
M.B.A. Southwest Missouri State University
Expertise in finance, real estate and productions/operations management.
Dr. Saundra Ray
A.A. Southwestern Oregon Community College
B.B.A. Evangel University
M.Acc. University of Missouri, Columbia
D.B.A. Northcentral University
Expertise in Accounting.
Jerry Owens
B.S. Kansas State University
M.S. Kansas State University
Expertise in economics and accounting.
Rebecca Rhoades
B.B.A. Evangel University
M.B.A. Oral Roberts University
Expertise in accounting, consumer behavior and marketing.
Mrs. Eveline Lewis
B.S. Bogor Agricultural University – Indonesia
M.H.M. University of Houston
M.B.A. Baylor University
Development Coordinator for Nonprofit & Social Enterprise major.
Expertise in nonprofit business and social enterprise.

Adjunct Faculty

Dr. Jeremy Harris
B.A. Evangel University
M.A. Missouri State University
M.B.A. Missouri State University
Ph.D.Nova Southeastern University
Expertise in information systems and coordinator of campus learning management system.
 Tasheena B. Morris
B.S. Evangel University
M.O.L. Evangel University
Expertise in performance measurement, marketing & entrepreneurship. Sponsored professional go-kart racer.
Courtney Hayes
B.A. William Jewell College
B.S. William Jewell College
J.D. University of Missouri, Kansas City
L.L.M. University of Missouri, Kansas City
Expertise in business law.
Corporate Legal Counsel for A.G. Financial.
Derek Schmidly
B.A. Evangel University
M.B.A. University of Missouri
Expertise in investments, finance and management.
Ron Bogart
B.S. Evangel University
M.O.L. Evangel University
Expertise in management.
C.O.O. for local contracting company.
Melinda Jamison
B.B.A. Evangel University
Expertise in business education.
Also serves as administrative assistant for Evangel’s Community Life Director.
Hona Amer
B.B.A. Evangel University
M.B.A. Missouri State University
Expertise in business communication, personal finance and marketing.
Author of Smart Work U. Founder of the H Group.
Pam Stringer
B.A. Evangel University
M. Ed. University of Missouri, Columbia
Expertise in personal finance.
19 years of teaching experience in public schools.
Dr. Fred Fortunato
B.S. Youngstown State University
M.S. Purdue University
Ph.D.Purdue University
Expertise is statistics and operations management.
Also part of Evangel’s Science and Technology faculty.
Becky Spain
B.B.A. Evangel University
M.O.L. Evangel University
Expertise in communications and community relations, personal finance and leadership.
Edward Spain
R.N. – St. Johns School of Nursing
B.S.N. – Southwest Missouri State University
M.H.S.A. – Southwest Baptist University
M.B.A. – Southwest Baptist University
Expertise in managerial finance, healthcare administration and business ethics.
Dr. Robert Bartels
B.A. Malone College
M.P.A. Cleveland State University
J.D. Cleveland State University
Expertise in human resources management, organizational design and development.
Dr. Michael Ferguson
B.S. State University of New York
M.S. Capella University
Ph.D. Capella University
Expertise in leadership, non-profit management and organizational psychology.
Dr. Jeff Fulks
B.S. Illinois State University
M.S. Illinois State University
Ph.D. University of Texas at Arlington
Expertise in organizational analysis, leadership, development and information management.
Robert Kelley
B.A. Evangel College
A.S. Drury College
M.S. Southwest Missouri State University
Expertise in performance measurement and analysis and business ownership.
Aimee Marcelo
B.B.A. Evangel University
M.S. Missouri State University
Expertise in business education, spreadsheets and databases.
Judith Miller
B.B.A. Evangel University
M.O.L. Evangel University
Expertise in technical training and human resource management.
Nancy Pace-Miller
B.A. Evangel University
M.A. Southwest Missouri State University
Expertise in advertising and management communication.
Full time faculty in Communications Department.
Ted Papit
B.A. Evangel College
Served in various CEO, COO and Vice President roles.
Currently Business Manager for Teen Challenge National Office.
Dr. Timothy Hager
B.A. Oral Roberts University
M.Div. Assemblies of God Theological Seminary
D.Min. Assemblies of God Theological Seminary
Expertise in social sector leadership and organizational development, teams and talent management.
Dr. Gregg Stade
B.A. Evangel University
J.D. Regent University
Expertise in business law and political science.
Brian Upton
B.A. Missouri State University
M.A. Assemblies of God Theological Seminary
Ph.D. Regent University (pending)
Dr. Linda Wellborn
B.S. University of Akron
M.S. Southwestern Missouri State University
Ed.D. Nova Southeastern University
Expertise in communication and community relations.
Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Director of Higher Quality Improvement.
Nathan Hall
B.A. Central Bible College
M.O.L. Evangel University
Expertise in human resources management.
Dr. Kregg Hood
Expertise in marketing, public relations and leadership.
Author of five books on stewardship and personal financial management.
 Dr. Julie Horner
B.S. Baylor University
M.S. Missouri State University
Ed.D. University of Missouri, Columbia
Expertise in nonprofit marketing and promotions & international service
Bernard Dana
B.B.A. Evangel University
M.Q.M. Loyola University
Expertise in leadership, management, strategy and organizational behavior.
Many decades of experience in Healthcare Administration.
Served on Evangel’s Board of Directors for 16 years prior to joining faculty.

Called to Serve: Eveline Lewis teaches students with a head for business and heart for service

Eveline Lewis has made her mark in the nonprofit business world both in the United States and abroad. While managing philanthropic endeavors and increasing the sustainability of nonprofits, she’s witnessed the importance of good business practices. That experience made her Evangel’s choice to coordinate the Nonprofit Business and Social Enterprise program.  Lewis previously served as a board member ...

Categories: Business, Nonprofit Business & Social Enterprise

Bernie Dana

Bernie Dana: Business Department chair

Prior to joining the Evangel University faculty in 2001, Bernie Dana served as the executive vice president of Vetter Health Services, Inc. (VHS) based in Omaha, Nebraska. He was also the corporate secretary and member of the board of directors of Vetter Holding, Inc., its 33 subsidiary corporations, and The Vetter Foundation, a charitable organization ...

Categories: Business, Management, Master of Organizational Leadership

Dr. Duane Praschan

Dr. Duane Praschan: Assistant professor of Business & Leadership and MOL program coordinator

Dr. Duane C. Praschan is assistant professor of Business & Leadership and coordinator of Master of Organizational Leadership (MOL) Program.  Prior to joining the Business Department, Dr. Praschan served as an executive with responsibility for Quality Management Systems, Compliance and Regulatory Affairs.  During the 27 years at Philips Healthcare, he conducted audits, ensured global product ...

Categories: Business, Master of Organizational Leadership

Rebecca Rhoades

Rebecca Rhoades: Associate professor of accounting

Rebecca Rhoades, associate professor of accounting, is responsible for teaching and advising Evangel’s accounting majors. Rhoades is a 1974 Evangel graduate with an MBA from Oral Roberts University. In addition to teaching at Evangel, Rhoades and her husband Mark serve as the National Administrative Couple of Assemblies of God Marriage Encounter. They attend Evangel Temple ...

Categories: Accounting, Business, Marketing


Elizabeth Fletcher: Associate professor of business, PBL adviser

Elizabeth Fletcher comes from a long line of Evangel graduates, including her husband, brother, two sisters-in-law, her nephew, her niece and her three daughters. Needless to say, she and her family strongly believe in the quality of education offered at Evangel. She served as chair of the Business and Economics Department for 20 years. She continues to ...

Categories: Accounting, Business, Business Education, Finance, International Business, Management, Marketing

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