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Leadership Fellows Program

BrandStillThe Leadership Fellows Program is Evangel’s forefront leadership outlet for students. It engages the student body in many ways, from offering the basic leadership course (Leadership 200) required for all campus leaders to hosting an annual Student Leadership Forum.

Studying leadership takes two forms at Evangel. First, there is the academic Leadership minor program. The minor includes 18-credits, which consist of leadership classes and a collection of electives from other disciplines. The Leadership Fellows Program is the second avenue, and is  for students who have already chosen another minor. Through the program, students take seven to 10 hours of leadership courses and participate in community service activities.

Essentially, the Leadership Fellows Program is practical experience in leadership, applied to whatever area the student is passionate about. When students graduate, they are able to point to leadership experience they have rather than simply theories about leadership they have learned.

Evangel’s leadership programs take a “strengths-based” approach to leadership education, using the Gallup’s Strengthsfinder 2.0. The Strengthsfinder is an exam that uses a series of questions and a list of 34 unique attributes – such as Responsibility, Adaptability and Discipline – to rank which strengths each student exemplifies.

SpenceJonMeet Dr. Jon Spence — Undergraduate Leadership Studies Director

Dr. Jon Spence is no stranger to Evangel. He grew up around EU’s campus and played for the Crusader football team before graduating in 1988. Since then, he has attained master’s and doctorate degrees and been involved as a faculty member at Evangel and director of the James River Leadership College.

Now Spence is heading undergraduate leadership studies and the Leadership Fellows Program — an outlet for practical leadership experiences on campus.

“If we’re answering the call to be obedient to God, we’re answering the call to lead…” Read More

Leadership Programs

Leadership integrates with every section of campus. From campus ministries to student government, Christian leadership is a central theme of all our programs.

Students in the Leadership Fellows Program will gain more than 100 hours of community service during their four years of college.

This approach allows graduates to have a clear vision of what type of leader they are through the Strengsfinder exam, as well as practical experience with that type of leadership as they enter the workforce.

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