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Amazing Business Students – The EU Difference

A total of 94 students graduated in 2014 ready to impact the world! The list includes 22 with Master of Organizational Leadership, 42 with BBA, 30 with BS in Management (adult studies), and one with AA in Business Administration. The year concluded with Dan Johnson (’62), Vern Clark (’66), and Russ Umphenour (’67) meeting with a small group of our junior and senior business majors and inspired them to fulfill their calling. They shared that the marketplace is eager to find leaders who know what they believe and have the courage to be driven by values and a dedication to service. They assured the students that their education puts them on par with anyone, and that it is their commitment to make their world better that will set them apart and give them favor. They offered that when times get difficult, to pray for wisdom to handle the circumstances rather than for an escape from them.

Dan Johnson retired as President of the University of Toledo and had recently served for three years developing a $1 billion public university in Dubai. Russ Umphenour built and sold his RTM Restaurant Group with nearly 1,200 Arby’s and other restaurants, recently resigned as CEO of Focus Brands which owned Carvel Ice Cream, Cinnabon, Schlotzsky’s, Moe’s Southwest Grill, and Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, and is now engaged in developing a new restaurant franchise operation. Admiral Vern Clark served as the Chief of the United States Navy for five years including the time of the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon. He is only the second person in that command who was not from the Naval Academy. Evangel University dedicated the Admiral Vern Clark Veterans Center on March 24.

Keep reading to see what else has been going on in the business department. Please don’t hesitate to contact me or any of our faculty if you would like to share ideas or discuss how to make a contribution.

Faculty Changes

Mrs. Eveline Lewis.

Dr. Dennis Wubbena, our lead marketing professor, will be retiring at the end of this semester after 24 years of service. We are going to miss him greatly. His enthusiasm for teaching and dedication to create real job learning experiences for our marketing majors sets our program apart from most other schools. If Dr. Wubbena has made a difference in your life, we encourage you to reach out to him with a personal letter, note, or email.

Mrs. Eveline Lewis will be joining our faculty full-time this fall. Mrs. Lewis has faithfully served as an adjunct (part-time) faculty member and coordinator of our Nonprofit Business & Social Enterprise program for the past three years. Having her full-time will greatly enhance our opportunities to continue to build this program. She is currently working on her doctorate degree.

Mrs. Elizabeth Fletcher will become the lead marketing instructor and teach most of the upper division marketing courses that were taught by Dr. Wubbena. Mrs. Fletcher has served on our business faculty for 29 years and was department chair for nearly 20 years. Her practical experience in marketing is continuously informed by her purchase and family ownership of a retail clothing business in Branson called the Queen Elizabeth.

2015-2016 Business Scholarships

SP14_Business_013Endowed and private scholarships have been an important way of communicating that our alumni are successful and that they believe that their success relates to their Evangel education and experience. We are thankful for new endowed and private scholarship donations recently received from Leah Hindy Hein (’09) and Jordan Lewis (’11).

We recently awarded $96,800 in scholarships to 97 students for the 2015-2016 school year. $37,950 of the total was from endowed scholarships and $20,600 is from private scholarships (current year only). The remaining $38,250 was from university funds allocated to the department.

To enhance recruitment, the university is now using the university funds to significantly increase the merit awards for new students. As a result, the Business Department is focusing endowed and private scholarships on deserving juniors and seniors and no longer making merit awards to new students.

Making even small merit scholarship awards to new students will further encourage recruitment for the business programs. We are searching for creative ways to expand funding for these additional scholarships.

Coffee Sponsorship Opportunity

SP14_Business_005Increased enrollment and high demand for the free premium blends of Eurasia Café coffee have pushed up the cost of the free Eurasia Café coffee that we provide to our Business majors and minors every day.

As a result, we are now requesting $150 to co-sponsor for a month and $300 for a sole sponsorship.

The month of March was co-sponsored by 417 Crossfit and by Vicki Rische (2013) who is with Stowe Realty. 417 Crossfit was founded by business alumnus Andrea Stevens (2006) and her husband, Jerod. April was sponsored by AG Financial Solutions and 2009 alumnus Holly Salewski.

Email Bernie Dana if you are interested in being one of our sponsors for 2015-16 school year.

Enactus and SIG Groups Going Full Steam

SP14_Business_031Enactus (formerly PBL/SIFE – Students in Free Enterprise) launched seven projects and were awarded corporate grants for two projects this past year:

  • $1,500 grant from the Walmart’s Women’s Empowerment program enabled us to help Harmony House develop a job preparation program.
  • $1,500 grant from Sam’s Club’s Step Up Small Business program to help U-Link, a small but ambitious internet service provider, develop and implement an effective marketing plan.

Enactus is partnering with Convoy of Hope on a multi-year community development project called “Elevate.” The “Go Green” team is researching how to design and implement a sustainable recycling program in the academic buildings. The “Coffee Marketing” project team is working with Aladdin on the potential development of an on-campus coffee shop. The “Global Assist” team in developing a project that will use entrepreneurship to improve the quality of life in an international community. Enactus sponsored two students to participate in the National Phi Beta Lambda (PBL) competitions and Grace LaPont won 2nd place in Integrated Marketing Plan.

The Student Investment Group (SIG) has more than 20 students involved in managing over $380,000 of endowed and restricted funds. The learning curve and excitement is high because only six of the students were returning from last year. Four students lead this team with the guidance of Professor Derek Schmidly, alumnus and adjunct faculty member.



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