Education Department Conceptual Framework

The theme for the Evangel University Education Department is “caring, committed, competent educators shape the future.” It is expected that a graduate will not only be professionally competent but will be a caring and committed educator dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of young people and in our society and the world. In their careers, these educators will have the opportunity to mold and nurture the youth who will be the decision makers of the future. This concept is compatible with the mission of the university that emphasizes a commitment to educate and equip students to become Spirit-empowered servants of God who impact the Church and society globally.

1. Academic Preparation: A teacher must be academically prepared in the following areas:

a. General Education: Educators will explore new areas of interest, broaden his/her intellectual background, and integrate areas of knowledge through the understanding of similarities and differences in various fields of study.

b. Pedagogy: An effective educator must demonstrate appropriate pedagogical competencies involved in planning, using resources, utilizing time, maintaining a behavior management plan, providing a safe and positive learning environment, demonstrating sensitivity to differences, communicating effectively, using effective teaching strategies, and using appropriate assessment techniques.

c. Content Area: An effective educator will be one who has expertise in (a) specific content area(s).

d. Research: An effective educator will be one who can answer critical questions of the profession and contribute to the body of educational knowledge.

2. Professionalism: An educator must be a positive role model, act in ways that respect the values of the subject matter and students he/she teaches, and will demonstrate high ethical standards as a professional.

3. Wellness: An educator will demonstrate a lifestyle that evidences physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual wellness.

4. Cultural Competence: An educator will exhibit an appreciation and tolerance for cultural diversity and possess a social awareness and compassion for human need.

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